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Orchestral soundtrack/narrative project from a couple of the chaps behind the Penumbra series.


Virrat, Finland – September 5th 2008 – The Sound of Fiction, a new independent record label from award winning video game composer Mikko Tarmia, today announced ‘AIKA’, an atmospheric orchestral soundtrack, narrative and graphics project.

AIKA encompasses a philosophically inspired science fiction story penned by Tom Jubert. Scenes are described by the moody soundtrack composed by a series of acclaimed musicians, and lush illustration. Jubert, as well as Director and Lead Composer, Tarmia, are both known for their involvement in the Penumbra series of horror adventure games.

The story follows a group of Russian Cosmonauts who form an insignificant element of the ongoing Russian movement – to discover a habitable planet in the year 2727. When the defenceless science team is sent aboard the abandoned capital ship, AIKA, a horrific discovery drives them close to madness – the only alternative will force them to reassess their very existence.

“We’re incredibly lucky to have signed some major talent to the project,” confided Tarmia, “We have both film and game composers, including Paul Houseman, Michael Law and Shadowgrounds’ Ari Pulkkinen.” Lavish illustrations will accompany the music and story, courtesy of Tuija Fagerlund.

The full AIKA package, including orchestral soundtrack and illustrated short story, will be available from early November. In the meantime, more information can be found at the project’s website, www.thesoundoffiction.com/AIKA.

About The Sound of Fiction

The Sound of Fiction is an exciting new independent record label, established in 2008 by award winning video game composer Mikko Tarmia. The label specialises in bringing film and video game music to its fans, and AIKA will be its first production.


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