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AIKA Online

Users pleased with the simplicity of getting the game.

- Aika Online's ultra large-scale war MMORPG surprises users with client optimization

- Users downloading client give high marks to Aika's system optimization

HanbitSoft Co. (CEO: Gi Young, Kim) announced that the company has been rated highly by users for its system optimization since the client distribution of Aika Online ("Aika"; http://aika.hanbiton.com), the ultra large-scale national war MMORPG.

Since the 16th, Dec., Aika has distributed clients through its official website; it has conducted OBT within Korea since the 18th. HanbitSoft added that the users who tried the client location were amazed since download up to location took them only about 5 minutes, experiencing for themselves the system optimization that they have only heard about before. Such system optimization is expected to eliminate issues related to getting into the game since many gamers would be able to enjoy together to realize an ultra large-scale war, the strong point of Aika.

Aika reveals clear graphics even in light clients with a little more than 300 MB and retains a quest line according to the Aika Novel as well as massive contents such as Fran, users' eternal soul mate, instance dungeons, raid dungeons, etc.

Aika can run in PCs with Pentium 3 CPU and 512 MB; thus earning raves in international markets for its powerful competitiveness considering the fact that there are still many gamers and Internet cafes whose PC features are not that advanced. In fact, Aika is receiving countless calls from overseas as well.

"Since Aika is a war game, and hundreds of warriors should be in a field, we placed the biggest emphasis on system optimization. There are many users who consider whether they need to buy a new PC whenever a new game comes out. With Aika, however, they can enjoy the best quality without such burden," said Yura, Kim, director of HanbitSoft.

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