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Ahoy! The Lost Admiral Returns!

Fogstone Games releases sequel to award winning tactical navy game!

For Immediate Release

Pownal, ME, Jan 20th, 2005 - Fogstone Games, www.fogstone.com, announced today that their long anticipated sequel to The Lost Admiral has finished sea trials and is ready for public consumption. The Lost Admiral Returns makes vast improvements to the original Lost Admiral, which was released in 1991, while retaining all the award winning strategy. The free game demo is available for free from their website, www.fogstone.com.

The Lost Admiral Returns is a naval strategy game that places you at the command center of a fleet of ships. With your fleets you must capture cities and battle your enemies, making use of battleships, destroyers, submarines, aircraft carriers, and more. The new version makes a general improvement to the graphics and interface of the game, but also adds exciting new scenarios and scenario objectives, tracks a history of previous games played, allows online competition through high score charts, customized flagships, 11 difficulty ratings, an extended "Save the Admiral" campaign and more! Comprehensive tutorials get you playing the full game quickly and easily.

Each ship in The Lost Admiral Returns is best used against a different type of ship. For instance, submarines are effective against battleships, destroyers are deadly to submarines, and battleships crush destroyers. By utilizing the special nature of each ship you must force your enemy to make mistakes. Lure the competitive AI into traps, create blockades to protect resources, and feint to force the enemy AI to break their formation.

The game features a random map generator along with pre-laid scenarios, which allows for endless replay. Smaller maps can be as short as 20 minutes while larger maps can provide hours of entertainment. The game comes complete with an auto-update feature to make sure you have the latest content released at regular intervals by Fogstone Games. Updates include everything from minor bug fixes to new optional rules, maps, and missions, making your battles fresh and never out of date.

The special missions involve some enjoyable twists to the conflict of battle fleet against battle fleet, including: "Trouble Next Door" for delivering vitally needed reinforcements to nearby war zones, "Fishing Rights" defending neutral fishing grounds from enemy incursions, "Secrets" delivering vital operations materials by sneaking past enemy forces, "Death by Duel" upholding the home fleet's honor against the enemy, and other special missions.

The Lost Admiral Returns game caters to all fans of strategy games, naval games, battleship games, submarine games, and fans of chess as the turn based action lets you study the battlefield layout, plan out your moves, the enemy's responses, and out think your opponent.

The game demo is available for free and comes with a complete 30-day trial. Please visit www.fogstone.com for more information about The Lost Admiral Returns and other fine products.


Lost Admiral Returns is the creation of Fogstone Games and Thurston Searfoss. The game is inspired by the original Lost Admiral game created by Thurston Searfoss, QQP, and Bruce Williams in 1991, and captures the award winning game play of all of Thurston's old games with QQP: Lost Admiral, Conquered Kingdoms, and Grandest Fleet.

Fogstone Games specializes in turn based strategy games that focus on easy, quick playing battles giving you total control over every facet of the tactical and strategic action, rather than the player's speed with the mouse being the primary key to victory.

Evaluation copy available upon request to Thurston@fogstone.com.

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More resources at http://www.lostadmiralreturns.com/mediakits.html

Or contact Thurston Searfoss at thurston@fogstone.com for additional material

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Thurston Searfoss

Fogstone Games

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