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AGEIA and Mythic Entertainment Sign Licensing Agreement for AGEIA physX Technology

Mythic to use AGEIA physX SDK in upcoming Warhammer MMO, providing total immersiveness and stunning effects for players using AGEIA physX processor

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - August 25, 2005 - AGEIATM Technologies, Inc., the pioneer in hardware-accelerated physics for games, and Mythic Entertainment, developer and publisher of massively-multiplayer online role-playing games including Dark Age of Camelot, today announced a publisher-wide licensing agreement in which Mythic can fully exploit the power of AGEIA physXTM technology in developing its massively-multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG).

Mythic will make extensive use of the AGEIA physX SDK in developing its upcoming MMORPG based on the legendary Warhammer fantasy world. One of the most enduring fantasy games in history, Warhammer will be released as an MMO for the first time in 2007. Players who have PCs equipped with the AGEIA physX processor will experience never-before-seen levels of online immersiveness, along with stunning effects and rich interactivity.

"At Mythic, we strive to continually upgrade our technology and improve the game experience for our online communities, and AGEIA's physX technology adds a new dimension that will make Warhammer an incredible online adventure," said Mark Jacobs, president and CEO of Mythic Entertainment. "With this agreement with AGEIA, we're confident that we can continue to surprise and challenge our customers with new levels of immersion and realism in all of our upcoming titles."

"Mythic Entertainment is a proven leader in the rapidly growing market for online games, and an excellent partner for introducing AGEIA physX technology to this target audience," said Kathy Schoback, vice president of content acquisition at AGEIA. "With the dedication and talent of the Mythic team, we have high expectations for what they can achieve with Warhammer using the AGEIA physX SDK and the AGEIA physX processor."

The AGEIA physX processor is the first and only dedicated physics processor on the market, and provides gamers with a much greater depth of physical interactivity than software-only physics. Developers and publishers who license the AGEIA physX SDK can create environments and effects that far surpass anything previously available in games. The AGEIA physX processor will be available on PC add-in boards in late 2005.

About Warhammer

Games Workshop created the Warhammer world more than 23 years ago, as the setting for its wildly successful tabletop fantasy wargame of the same name. Since then the game has been released in 6 editions, had dozens of supplements, and been the basis for tens of thousands of unique model soldier designs, making it one of the most well documented and detailed fantasy settings in existence. The Warhammer community stretches across the world, supported by Games Workshop's 320+ stores, 4000+ independent retailers, and many games clubs, tournaments and events such as the annual Games Days in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and Australia. There is also a thriving web community based around the official website and many thousands of fan sites.

About Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment is one of the most successful developers and publishers of massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the world. Credited with 15 online games, including the award winning Dark Age of Camelot, Mythic's success is based in proprietary technology, superior game design and exemplary customer service delivered by a talented staff of more than 160 people. Dark Age of Camelot is played throughout the world in seven languages. It was launched in Japanese in January 2005, and in April 2005 became the first international MMO localized for Spain.


AGEIATM Technologies, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company and the pioneer of hardware-accelerated physics for games. Its flagship product, the physX processor, is the world's first dedicated physics processing unit - a completely new hardware category. The physX processor and supporting software deliver the processing horsepower to calculate real-time interactive worlds. Developers can define these worlds to obey the laws of classical physics, or create their own physical laws that make their game a unique, hyper-dimensional experience.

AGEIA seeks to ignite innovation in the games industry by working with leading developers, publishers, add-in board vendors and console manufacturers to deliver the next generation of physically immersive entertainment. Consumer add-in boards and systems equipped with the AGEIA physX processor and games that take advantage of the technology will be available in late 2005. For more information visit http://www.ageia.com.

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