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Accelerated Game Content Delivery Network Announced by CacheLogic at GDC '07

VelociX CDN Enables High-Speed Delivery of Games, Demos and Updates Using Peer-Assisted CDN Technology

March 7, 2007 - San Francisco - CacheLogic (Cambridge, England), the leading provider of Peer-Assisted CDN solutions, today announced the immediate availability of VelociX for Games, its unique hybrid peer-assisted content delivery network which is specifically optimized for large, multi-gigabyte files.

Shown publicly for the first time at the Game Developers Conference (Meeting Room ES-5902), VeloicX enables a uniquely cost-effective and extraordinarily fast method for distributing games, demos and updates with fine-grained control of speed, reporting and dataflow. VelociX uses CacheLogic's Asset Delivery Framework, which provides guaranteed delivery, predictable costs and tiered asset-based pricing, billing and reporting.

The continued evolution towards richer and immersive gaming experiences also brings a corresponding increase in overall file sizes. Game files, patches and updates continue to grow and with current CDN technology, large file downloads are slow. Demand spikes (also known as 'flash crowds') that occur after new releases can stress previous-generation delivery technology to the breaking point. This seriously annoys customers eager for the new game or update and negatively impacts companies and their brands.

VelociX is a unique combination of traditional CDN technology with a P2P backend that delivers a high-performance, scalable content delivery solution. Games, patches and updates are delivered fast, ensuring new updates are available to a broad user base in minutes, not hours or days. Flat asset-based pricing ensures costs don't increase for large download bursts, making it economical to deliver large digital assets to many users.

CacheLogic's low latency network offers consistent performance across peak hours necessary for optimum online gaming experience. The network has the global reach necessary for optimum performance, regardless of location. Patch downloads are not susceptible to download corruption, avoiding costly retransmissions and improving overall delivery satisfaction.

Using VelociX, it is possible for game developers and publishers to control the speed and delivery method of their content. For example, with VelociX, it is possible to control the speed of critical patch delivery for maximum throughput, whereas region-specific updates can be delivered with fastest speeds only to those geographies to manage costs.

Older game demos can be delivered with slower throughput to preserve bandwidth, while the latest demos can be sent at maximum speed - all while providing detailed reporting to enable specific marketing analyses of the games, demos and updates being provided by the publisher. Using VelociX, increasing or decreasing the speed of network downloads to customers is as simple as flipping a virtual switch.

It is also possible to monetize asset delivery using VelociX by allowing users to make micro-payments to receive the fastest possible delivery time, or to purchase time-based speed increases on the network.

"VelociX for Games is the next-generation of CDN, providing game publishers with all the tools, speed and control they need to really generate value for their users while simultaneously controlling costs - it's a win for everyone," said Andrew Parker, CTO of CacheLogic. "By fusing P2P technology into our CDN, we can deliver unprecedented speed with predictable cost, and we are very excited to be showcasing VelociX at GDC."

About CacheLogic

CacheLogic is a global provider of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services.

With its innovative new network and groundbreaking asset-based business model, CacheLogic has revolutionized both the "mechanics" and economics of content delivery, enabling the Internet to become the preferred delivery mechanism for large digital media assets.

VelociX, CacheLogic's peer-assisted CDN, is a robust network with a global footprint of fixed infrastructure and all the guarantees, operational support, and content management one would expect from a traditional CDN. In addition, VelociX augments fixed network resources with peer capacity to optimize performance for the most intense demand scenarios.


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