Tools to identify bottlenecks and performance issues

Coconut Lizard's Robert Troughton goes through the right toolset to keep a development team happy and working efficiently

By Robert Troughton

What is the best game engine: is Amazon Lumberyard right for you?

The Academy's in-depth guide to Lumberyard, a 3D engine powered by Amazon Web Services

By Marie Dealessandri

Lessons in community building from EVE Online

At Devcom Digital, CCP Games' Tryggvi Hjaltason offered advice on creating an environment that builds meaningful friendships

By Matthew Handrahan

How pinball made us better RPG developers -- and vice versa

Zen Studios COO Mel Kirk on what the pinball specialist learned by leaving its comfort zone with two RPG titles

By Mel Kirk

Push and pull: How to build an in-game economy

Unity Technologies' Julie Shumaker explains how to knit together the key components of a robust and engaging game economy

By Julie Shumaker

A guide to designing transformative, empowering experiences

Robin Arnott and Heather Ray look into the many ways to create impactful games that evoke a wide range of emotional responses

By Robin Arnott and Heather Ray

The black art of platform conversion: How to get your technical assessment right

Sponsored article: In the first part of a series dedicated to platform adaptations, Abstraction looks into the intricacies of the assessment process, which is pivotal to a project's success

By Academy Sponsored

HowáQuantic Dream took control of remote working using Amazon Web Servicesá

Sponsored article: The Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls studio explains how it used the cloud to move its teams out of the office

By Academy Sponsored

Insights into adaptation game design challenges

Sponsored article: Abstraction goes through the tailoring pillars that shape its adaptation design approach for the Academy

By Academy Sponsored

Six ways to make your user-generated content game successful and lawsuit-free

Mythical Games' Jamie Jackson detailed the dos and don'ts of user-generated content in a Devcom talk this week

By Marie Dealessandri

Copyright changes could limit in-game props, but might defeat clones | Opinion

Kostya Lobov warns that recent EU court decisions could drastically affect what is protectable by copyright

By Kostyantyn Lobov

Epic Games: Why cross-play matters

Sponsored article: Cross-players play Fortnite 570% more on average than non cross-players, Psyonix and Phoenix Labs reveal similar benefits

By Academy Sponsored

Four ways game developers can help save the planet

At GDC Summer, the Playing for the Planet Alliance offered clear steps the industry can take to tackle the climate crisis

By Matthew Handrahan

A quick guide to readable game text

At GDC Summer, EA Sports' Karen Stevens shared the importance of legible fonts and why you shouldn't write off Comic Sans

By James Batchelor

How to bring your game world to life with impactful sound design

Pearl Abyss' composer and audio director Hwiman Ryu on how engaging audio design can heighten players' experience

By Hwiman Ryu

Developing Bake It under quarantine

Kwalee's head of development Simon Platt on the processes and tools needed to make and ship a new product during lockdown

By Simon Platt

Breaking the formula: How to make a standout game trailer

From Port Royale 4 to Bleeding Edge, Flipbook Studio's Andrew Lord details what can make for a memorable trailer

By Andrew Lord

Why the discussion around difficulty is outdated and archaic

At Ludicious X, ArenaNet's Jennifer Scheurle offered a roadmap for moving beyond the tired language and debates around difficulty in video games

By Matthew Handrahan

Notes on inspiration from a BAFTA-winning studio

Sarepta Studio's CEO Catharina B°hler explores the many ways to find inspiration and stay creative during development

By Marie Dealessandri

How to successfully cater to older players

Mobile veteran Wilhelm Taht looks at lessons from Bingo Bash's success on successfully appealing to players aged 55+

By Wilhelm Taht

Performance capture in the era of remote working

The Academy explores the challenges of remote performance capture -- and how to overcome them

By Marie Dealessandri

The astronomical challenge of recording The Outer Worlds

How did Obsidian handle voice work for a game with almost 350 characters, 40 voice actors, and recording studios in different countries?

By Scott C. Jones

A beginner's guide to design and concept

D3T's head of design Hal Sandbach shares key tips for conceptualization and design, as well as what to look for in a designer

By Hal Sandbach

What makes a good bug report?

Nick Barrett, CEO at Proper QA, divulges the best practices of bug reporting

By Nick Barrett

Join Creative Assembly for a live Q&A about cinematics today

The Total War studio will be discussing how to create appealing cinematics, as well as the pipeline from directing to VFX

By Marie Dealessandri

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