How to develop a game design document's Tom Pigott explains why a well-formulated game design document can make a huge difference for game devs

By Tom Pigott

Elden Ring: A discussion on the differences between accessibility and game design

Sarah Doyle, creative producer at Kids Industries, talks accessibility trends in game design

By Sarah Doyle

How to run an incubator

As Tentacle Zone gears up for another cohort, program director Nisha Valand shares advice on supporting new games startups

By Nisha Valand

Dontnod Montreal on recruiting for gender balance

Managing director Frédérique Fourny-Jennings shares how the studio's recruitment approach led to women making up almost half the team

By Brendan Sinclair

Can Dreams teach you how to become a game developer?

The Academy explores how Media Molecule's creation platform breaks down the fundamentals of game design and can help you get a career in games

By Marie Dealessandri

Adaptive audio in menus: game development's untapped opportunity

Unlock Audio's Elliot Callighan looks into ways to make menu and lobby music more engaging

By Elliot Callighan

Doing accessibility right with Forza Horizon 5

Playground Games discusses how it's made the latest entry in its racing franchise more accessible than ever

By Marie Dealessandri

Taking the right steps to prepare for a successful multiplayer launch

Gameye's CEO Sebastiaan Heijne explains the common questions he hears when discussing multiplayer servers

By Sebastiaan Heijne

Clear goals and organic paths: The Arkane guide to player agency

Arkane Lyon's campaign director Dana Nightingale discusses how to empower players and earn their trust

By James Batchelor

Unpacking foley design in video games

From indie to AAA, we explore how sound designers immerse players in worlds with authentic sounds.

By Alan Wen

What games companies need to know about the Age Appropriate Design Code

With the UK's new kids data code now in force, Reed Smith's Elle Todd explores what the industry needs to do

By Elle Todd

How to place virtual objects in the real world convincingly

The team behind Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs shares its secrets for making augmented reality feel more like reality

By Magnus Runesson

Roblox 101: Adopt Me developer's tips on finding success

The Academy talks to Uplift Games' head of marketing David Statter about Roblox's best practices and how to make it on the platform

By Marie Dealessandri

Essential design features to help PC and console games succeed on mobile

GameRefinery's Wilhelm Voutilainen explores how Call of Duty Mobile, Genshin Impact and League of Legends: Wild Rift bring AAA gameplay to smart devices

By Wilhelm Voutilainen

Three community-led ways to promote equity and make better games

Collaboration, accessibility, community: Elliot Callighan explores ways indie and mid-sized developers can lead the charge for equity

By Elliot Callighan

The art of fair play: Developing the best systems to deal with players who cheat

My Games' anti-cheat team lead programmer Victor Punegov gives tips to developers on how they can combat cheating

By Victor Punegov

12 winning tools and strategies for the games industry's work from home era

Developers and publishers share their advice on how to adapt to a remote or hybrid operation

By Colin Campbell

"Accessibility doesn't hamper a vision, it enhances creativity"

Accessibility specialists discuss their quest for inclusive design, and accessibility not being rocket science

By Marie Dealessandri

Technical localization challenges and how to solve them

Codeglue's Thomas Jongman details common issues you can encounter when localizing Japanese games into English

By Thomas Jongman

"It's made of details": Staying focused as a hobbyist game developer

CreatorCrate's Jori Ryan on how part-time developers can keep themselves undaunted by bigger picture worries as they work on their project

By Jori Ryan

Seven steps for a winning hypercasual prototype

Crazy Labs' Rotem Eldor details the right steps for a prototype that can pass the marketability test and later become a successful hypercasual game

By Rotem Eldor

Improve your user experience with passwordless authentication

Sponsored article: Learn how Xsolla Login and passwordless authentication can remove the risk of weak, reused, and leaked passwords during registration

By Academy Sponsored

Growing customisable first-party data analytics for mobile games

Exient's production director Thomas Leinekugel explains the benefits of building a first-party analytics solution

By Thomas Leinekugel

Best practices for developing VR games for theme parks

Gamitronics founder Rajat Ojha explains the subtleties of developing VR content for location-based experiences

By Rajat Ojha

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