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Friday 3rd September, Leicester Square, London - whilst ECTS and EGN/GameStars Live dominated the calendar for many IT hacks last week, those who stopped by Leicester Square, perhaps en-route between the two events (which were conveniently located at opposite ends of London), would have found something a-bit different. But then ABIT really are different.

The motherboard and VGA card company was showing its marketing clout, not with channel rebates, or 200 pages of magazine adverts, but with a very public invitation to take on Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendell, the world's leading professional gamer, outdoors in the centre of London.

By high noon, with the stage assembled, pistols (and rocket launchers) were drawn. Where just the night before, Leicester Square was filled with shrieks of "Tom!" (the 'big' man attended the premiere of his latest movie), Leicester Square now reverberated with very different sounds. Although our own "Collateral" of £1,000 put up for anyone who could beat Fatal1ty was still safe when events concluded, ABIT and partners gave away 2-3 times this value in prizes and promotional merchandise, including an Intel Extreme Edition CPU.

None of the challengers could prevent Fatal1ty from reaching the 6-frag Doom3 scoreline, but a few managed to survive nearly 5 minutes - enough to tune the cyber-killing-machine for his next stop on the ABIT-Fatal1ty world tour, (which sees him take on challengers in Moscow, Paris and at the Great Wall of China, to name just a few locations).

It seems that gaming really is coming of age; the ABIT Fatal1ty Shootouts tour, as part of the ABIT Gaming Concept, is actively encouraging the growth of gaming, as a vital stimulus for the whole industry.

With the first in a series of ABIT Fatal1ty products coming out in the next few months, ABIT are proving that ground-breaking and exciting events like ACON4 and Fatal1ty Shootouts can be backed up with radical and inspiring products, justifying their position as the No.1 hardware brand for gamers.

ABIT Fatal1ty Motherboard

The first ABIT Fatal1ty product, an Intel 925XE chipset motherboard, has been designed with the input of Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel himself. Fatal1ty worked closely with engineers, giving ideas on what features and specs could improve his game. The result is a motherboard that is truly designed for gaming, not a feature-rich stock design with a gaming badge.

The very highest quality components have been chosen to provide maximum performance and stability, including a radically redesigned PWM system, for unprecedented power and stability.

Whilst ABIT users might be familiar with ABIT technologies such as µGuru, the Fatal1ty motherboard will offer further enhancements, including a special unlockable BIOS, a Fatal1ty 'Game Guru' addition to the popular µGuru function, and a re-tuned OTESTM thermal cooling system.

Coupled with an unrivalled spec list, the ABIT Fatal1ty motherboard promises to be the first choice for professional and enthusiast gamers alike.

Notes to Editors

Leicester Square Partners

Partners at the Leicester Square event were; Intel, VIA, ATI, Real Machines (Realtime Distribution) and Scan.co.uk

About ABIT Computer Corporation

"Built for Gamers by Gamers" is more than a slogan - ABIT motherboards and graphic cards are the established favourite among PC enthusiasts and pro gamers. Our unique approach to hardware design puts the user in the driver's seat, delivering features that give users the flexibility to tweak and tune their systems to their satisfaction, while at the same time, ensuring complete stability.

ABIT Engineers - computer enthusiasts with a passion for technology - develop innovation after innovation, squeezing every ounce of performance possible out of available technologies. This excellence in engineering, combined with the industry's highest standards of quality, reliability, and stability, allows ABIT to deliver BulletProof Technology to the end user. From SoftMenuTM jumperless technology to µGuruTM interactive system management, our engineers use their technical know-how and passion for hardware to consistently develop products that not only meet the needs of even the most demanding PC enthusiast, but raise the bar by which all motherboards and graphic cards are judged.

For more information, visit www.abit.com.tw and www.abitgamer.com

About Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel

Johnathan first got involved in tournaments when he heard about a CPL's Frag3 Tournament that took place in October 1999. He won three times there and was invited to represent the USA in Stockholm. Two weeks later where he was still undefeated, winning all 18 maps against the top players in the world. He continued to dominate competitions all over the world, including in Singapore, St. Louis, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, Korea, Germany, Australia, Holland and Brazil, to name just a few.

At QuakeCon 2002, he faced off against his rival ZeRo4 in one of the most highly anticipated matches of the year and ended up winning the match in a 14-(-1) flawless victory. He went on to place third overall in the event and fourth at the World Cyber Games USA a few months later. To top it all off, he won CPL Pentium 4 Winter Champions event in December for Unreal Tournament 2003, a victory which netted the CPL Champion of the Year for the third year in a row - each Championship was for victories in a different game. For more information, visit www.fatal1ty.com.

Contact Information

For further information regarding the Leicester Square event or ABIT Fatal1ty products, contact Michael Littler:

Michael Littler

Public Relations


01438 223005


Photographs and artwork from the Leicester Square event available on request.

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