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A magical world awaits puzzle gamers


Dale City, Va. - July 15, 2005 - Many puzzle games offer an endless succession of static screens, but not Crystalix. The new release from Alawar Entertainment, a leading publisher of downloadable games for the PC, features a scrolling world bursting with visual surprises. Besides providing a beautiful world in which to play, Crystalix also offers a unique blend of logic and arcade action.

In Crystalix, you're a wizard who sets out to cleanse his land of the remains of a shattered comet. To clear away bits of the cosmic debris, you must place game pieces of different colors and shapes over matching stacks of gems. You should work fast, as new game pieces roll across the bottom of the screen and will start to accumulate if they're not used. Fortunately, you have a limited supply of hammers with which to smash game pieces and magic wands with which to make gems disappear. A quick hand is helpful, but you should also plan ahead if you want to clear away all of the pieces of the comet.

Staying focused on the gameplay won't be easy, though, as the world of Crystalix is brimming with distracting details. Each stage contains several piles of gems; when you finish off a stack, your viewpoint scrolls across the game world to the next one, allowing you to click on precious stones and gold coins before they vanish off-screen. When you move your mouse pointer over a swarm of lightning bugs or a fish swimming upstream, you're rewarded with a secret animation. From a moonlit forest to a winter wonderland, Crystalix proves puzzle games can be as enjoyable to look at as they are fun to play.

What you get:

  • 70 levels
  • Two game modes
  • Unique scrolling game world with enchanting


  • Atmospheric graphics and sound effects
  • Free updates and technical support

Visit www.alawar.com to view screenshots and download the free trial version of Crystalix. You can also purchase the full version of Crystalix online for $19.95.

About Alawar Entertainment

Alawar Entertainment has been publishing and distributing PC games on the Internet since 1998. The company also runs a network of online game stores and supplementary businesses ranging from a game banner network to a newsletter service. Additionally, Alawar works closely with leading gaming portals such as Real Arcade, Shockwave, ICQ Games and others. The company's developer partners include Dream Dale, Alias Worlds, Media Research Group and more. For information about becoming a developer partner, email partners@alawar.com. To inquire about selling Alawar's games, visit www.alawar.com/partnership/.


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