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A magical adventure is just 13 megs away


Dale City, Va. - Jan. 31, 2005 - Alawar Entertainment (www.alawar.com), a leading publisher of downloadable games for the PC, has released Globy, a 3D action adventure game packed with monster-infested dungeons, dazzling spells and cool secrets. Starring a young prince who sets out to save his land from evil, and featuring cutscenes and mini-games, Globy proves size doesn't matter when it comes to cramming hours of gameplay into a small download.

Globy awakens one morning to find a mysterious enemy attacking his sky kingdom. After conferring with his priests, the prince soars away on the back of a Phoenix to collect 24 orbs that will give him enough power to defeat his ultimate foe. Using his knowledge of magic, Globy runs, jumps and shoots his way through more than 50 islands and bonus levels, all the while crushing demons, unlocking hidden areas and stockpiling gold and playing cards, the latter of which are saved for use in a mini-game. As Globy progresses, he can purchase powerful spells and gather special rubies that can unlock the biggest surprise in the game.

Over and above the traditional third-person gameplay, Globy includes a mini-game that rewards players with additional gold and other helpful items, such as a discount card that reduces the cost of goods in the store. Featuring a firefly, the mini-game combines the action of a side-scrolling shooter with the strategy of a card game. You control the winged insect as he shoots down enemies, and can play the cards Globy has collected to give you a tactical advantage. For example, you can combine an Invincibility card with a card that turns dead enemies into gold to rack up a lot of coin. Or you can play a card that cancels out one of the cards your computer-controlled opponent has issued. Reach the end of the level, and you'll be given a choice of three prizes.

Encompassing a realm of suspended islands and sky gates that lead to secret locations, Globy's 3D world is filled with the kind of visuals typically reserved for games available on PC CD-ROM. Additionally, cutscenes rendered using the game's real time engine advance the story. Despite the richness of its graphical content, the Globy download weighs in at under 14 megs.

Other features include a help system that identifies your next objective, controls you can reconfigure to your preferences and music that complements the magical theme of the gameplay. Visit www.alawar.com to view screenshots, download a free trial and purchase the full version of Globy.

About Alawar Entertainment

Alawar Entertainment has been publishing and distributing PC games on the Internet since 1998. The company also runs a network of online game stores and supplementary businesses ranging from a game banner network to a newsletter service. Additionally, Alawar is working closely with leading gaming portals such as Real One Arcade, Shockwave, Big Fish Games and others. The company's developer partners include Dream Dale, Alias Worlds, Oxxo Media, Media Research Group, I-Nova Games Team and more.


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