Ubisoft's Northern Europe MD Rob Cooper departs after 23 years

UK industry veteran was responisble for publisher's business in the UK, Northern Europe, Middle East and export territories

Christopher Dring

GDC exploring development of abuse hotline following recent allegations

Organisers emphasise the strict code of conduct in place for annual conference, and other health and safety measures

James Batchelor

Disney to lay off 7,000 staff, shuts down metaverse division

The 50 staff part of the Next Generation Storytelling & Consumer Experiences division were laid off

Marie Dealessandri

Sega and Tencent bow out of E3

Update: Devolver also skipping its usual "satellite events" around E3

Jeffrey Rousseau

Microsoft's Activision acquisition approved by Japanese regulator

Japan Fair Trade Commission does not believe merger would "substantially restrain competition"

James Batchelor

Ubisoft hires Katie Scott as vice president of editorial

With a games career of more than ten years, the Coalition alum joins Ubisoft's global creative office

Jeffrey Rousseau

French union accuses Ubisoft Paris of crunch, mismanagement

Solidaires Informatique says 10% of studio employees have experienced burnout in the past year, with some working 14-hour shifts or longer

Brendan Sinclair

Creating Windies Direct, a beacon for the Caribbean game dev scene

The Jamaica Game Developer Society shares how the proliferation of digital events paved the way for last year's debut show - and what comes next

Jeffrey Rousseau

Exploring the complexities of humanity through video games

Ensemble 2023: We speak to Larky Labs' Roman Alkan about her work creating narrative games, primarily for women

James Batchelor

Games London's Ensemble 2023 cohort unveiled

Annual exhibition of talent from underrepresented ethnicities will be displayed throughout London, including Trafalgar Square

James Batchelor

Take-Two acquires mobile games subscription service GameClub

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed

Marie Dealessandri

Abuse allegations emerge in the wake of GDC 2023

Update: GDC organises say assault and drink spiking are "outrageous and unacceptable," encourages reporting to the police

James Batchelor

US Members of Congress slam Sony's "monopoly" in Japan

PlayStation accused of anti-competitive practices over the "high end" games market in the country

Marie Dealessandri