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5.2 million iPhones sold during Q2

Sales up a massive 626 per cent on last year as Apple struggles to keep up with iPhone 3GS demand

Apple has sold 5.2 million iPhones in the second quarter of this year - up 626 per cent on last year - and 10.2 million iPods, sales which contribute to a higher-than-estimated net profit of USD 1.23 billion for the company.

Its iPhone sales represent an increase from 717,000 units during the same quarter last year, reports PocketGamer. Contributing factors to its performance are likely to include the release of the new iPhone 3GS and a reduction in price to USD 99 of the second-generation SKU.

The high volume of iPods sold meanwhile, while impressive, mark a drop of seven per cent year-on-year. Mac sales were up for the company however as it shifted 2.6 million during the June quarter - an increase of four per cent on last year.

The company's strong performance in a difficult economic climate beat analyst's expectations, according to Reuters, topping the expected USD 1.18 earnings per share of deliver a result of USD 1.35.

CEO Steve Jobs put this down to products, commenting, "We're making our most innovative products ever and our customers are responding."

However, in a Reuters interview Apple chief financial officer Peter Oppoenheimer suggested the company could be performing even better.

"We hit the ball out of the park with Mac sales," he said. "In a better economy we'd be selling more."

Since the release of the iPhone 3GS, Apple has been unable to make enough of the product to meet demand - a problem the company said it's working to address.

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