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3D Brigade Inc. Triples Revenue In 2006



Located in the European Union - Hungary, 3D BRIGADE is Eastern-Europe's leading art and asset outsourcing studio for the videogame industry. Its annual revenue approaches, and in most cases surpasses, the annual revenue from the largest outsourcing companies in Asia. Of the major outsourcers in China, only the Shanghai-based Radiance Digital Entertainment announced its 2006 revenue, USD 600,000. In the same year, 3D BRIGADE Inc. closed with a total revenue of USD 1 million. This was triple the amount in 2005 and the company targets a similar revenue rise for 2007.

Five years ago when Zsolt Vamosi (Chairman of the Board & COO), Gabor Kadi (CEO & CFO), and Peter Szucsy (Art Director) founded 3D BRIGADE, the outsourcing explosion in the interactive entertainment industry hadn't occurred and was still a foggy prediction from top industry analysts and researchers. Established in 2002 with a half dozen in-house artists and 2-3 projects per year, the company evolved at a steady rate. Last year 3D BRIGADE contributed to 24 different game titles, worked with 21 different clients, delivered more than 35 minutes of pre-rendered and real-time cinematics on AAA titles, 100+ high polygonal characters, and supplied more than 1500 environmental objects (buildings, vehicles, plants, etc.) on various game platforms. An indicator of the company's success is that it has become an official vendor for the largest video game publishers including Disney, Atari, Electronic Arts, and others.

90% of 3D BRIGADE's clients are from Europe and North America, so the Business Development works in two shifts to accommodate different time zones. In addition, the Project Management speaks a total of six world languages. However, the key to the company's success is not only first rate customer service or best value, quality services, but that its artists understand a seventh language: the visual language of videogames.

California-based Interactive Studio Management (ISM), a respected agency in the game development community, considers 3D BRIGADE to be one of the top art and asset outsourcing companies worldwide and recommends the Hungarian studio to its clients as a preferential, strategic partner. ISM art outsourcing specialist, Nick Jacob, said, "3D Brigade has a great and well-deserved reputation in the video game industry as a high-value art outsourcer."

3D BRIGADE plans to open new offices in Eastern-European and Far Eastern countries this year.

About 3D Brigade:

Established in 2002 and located in Budapest, Hungary (EU), 3D Brigade is Eastern-Europe's leading art and asset outsourcing studio. The company is an official vendor of Electronic Arts, Disney Interactive Studios, Vivendi Universal Games, Eidos, Midway Entertainment, Atari, Liquid Entertainment, Digital Extremes, Konami, and many other companies. 3D Brigade offers competitive prices and delivers all types of digital art content for the interactive entertainment industry including concept art, 3D modeling, and cinematics. In addition, 3D Brigade owns a Vicon-8 optical motion capture system equipped studio.

In the past year, the company's more than 50 highly skilled, full-time artists have contributed to 24 different game titles with 21 separate clients. Some of the key projects from our past include Silent Hill: Origins for Konami, Heroes of Might and Magic V for UbiSoft, The Witcher for CD Projekt RED, Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel for Ascaron, F.E.A.R. - Extraction Point for Timegate Studios, and Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge for Atari/Spellbound. For more information, visit http://www.3dbrigade.com.

Media Contact:

Theodore Reiker

PR Director, 3D BRIGADE

132 Hajogyari sziget

H-1033 Budapest, Hungary (EU)

Phone: +36 1 430 1473

Fax: +36 1 200 3555

Email: treiker@3dbrigade.com



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