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22" Widescreen 3D monitor

Dropped to $599 for dads and graduates.

San Diego, CA--April 23, 2008 – iZ3D, LLC, designer, developer, and marketer of advanced 3D visualization systems, is pleased to announce that it has lowered the price of its 3D monitors to $599 just in time for the graduation and Father’s Day gift season. The monitors are the ideal gift for casual gamers and 3D movie buffs that want to immerse themselves into the 3D experience. Users can at the push of a hot button switch to 2D mode for homework, word processing or surfing the web. The monitor is available at online retailer www.newegg.com or via the www.iZ3D.com website.

“Both Dad’s and graduates will find our large widescreen 3D monitor to be a portal to 3D movie viewing and for off the shelf 3D gaming, making it ideal for the dorm room or home. The popularity of our monitors has allowed us to drop the price and is a turning point in the growing trend towards immersive 3D viewing. Now more consumers can afford to spoil themselves with the thrill of the 3D experience,” remarked Thomas Striegler, CEO of iZ3D, LLC.

iZ3D monitors incorporate advances in technology that creates significant competitive and technical advantages over other display systems. iZ3D developed this unique technology to create an adjustable stereoscopic 3D environment without causing eyestrain, spatial disorientation, or headaches. In 3D mode, viewers can see clear, bright, sharp 3D images and videos simply by wearing any of a variety of passive polarized glasses. Also, its smart capabilities allow it to be changed at the push of a button from the breath-taking 3D experience to the more mundane 2D viewing for regular office tasks or surfing the web.

The iZ3D 22" monitor offers the first S-3D drivers to be compatible with popular dual output cards, including the NVIDIA GeForce 8 Series and the ATI FireGL™ V3600 workstation graphics accelerator. These drivers also are optimized to take advantage of Intel’s® latest Core™ 2 Duo and Intel® Core™ 2 Quad processor technologies. (iZ3D also features drivers that support Microsoft® DirectX® 8 and 9 graphics in both Windows® XP and Microsoft® Windows Vista™.)

The unit is easily powered by PCs equipped with a dual-output video card. Specifications include: 1680 x 1050 resolution; up to 170-degree 3D viewing angle; 5ms response time; 700:1 contrast ratio; and 16.7-million colors.

About iZ3D, LLC

Headquartered in San Diego, iZ3D, LLC, develops and markets iZ3D brand products for the electronic entertainment market as well as for commercial and professional visualization applications. Three-dimensional imaging is gaining appreciable attention in the display market, and interest in the various iZ3D visualization technologies is rapidly increasing.

Due to the popularity of the initial iZ3D monitor product from Neurok Optics LLC, a US-based 3D technology developer and marketing company, a new joint venture has formed with Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO), a Taiwan-based leading worldwide TFT-LCD manufacturing company.

The company specializes in the design and engineering of advanced 3D visualization products, and specifically targets Game and Entertainment as its markets. For more information, visit http://www.iz3d.com or call 858 646-3015.



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