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2029 Online

Alpha test client available for download now.

2029 Online ( http://2029.igg.com/) Team is pleased to announce that its Alpha Test version game client is ready now. The test will officially begin at 11:00pm EDT (GMT-4) March 17th and it will last until 11:00pm March 22nd EDT (GMT-4). All Alpha Test participants will be able to begin playing the game for the first time. You are highly recommended to download the game client at http://us-ca-d2.iggcn.com/2029/20090317/2029_setup_1.26.0050.exe to connect to 2029 Online servers.

AT Information:

1. Make sure you have downloaded the Alpha test client and installed it to your computer. To download the Alpha test client, click on: http://2029.igg.com/download/download_client.php.

2. You must activate your test account to get access to the game. Check out the following link to activate your test account: http://www.igg.com/member/active_game.php?gid=13

3. Although the Alpha test will last for only a short time, we will be holding plenty of events for testers to participate in in-game or in our forum.

4. All the accounts we have issued will still be available in the upcoming Closed-Beta Test.

5. All testers’ character data will be removed after Alpha test is finished. However, Alpha testers can take part in the coming Closed Beta test with their Alpha accounts. We will also be giving prizes to these testers during Closed Beta phase. (Prizes will be distributed after the end of the Alpha test.)

6. There is no need to remove the Alpha test client from your computer before the Closed Beta test. The client will be either automatically updated or manually updated to the Closed Beta version at the start of the test.

AT Note:

1. The Alpha test priorities are fixing bugs, problems and any other general improvements that need to be made before the game goes into general release. Testers can contact us via the service center ( http://livechat.igg.com/livesupport.php?gid=13) or in emails ( 2029gm@igg.com) with bug information or any other feedback about game quality or problems.

2. Bugs will be fixed and preparations will be made for the upcoming Closed Beta Test. And we will continue to offer players more download websites and patch download links.

For more information on 2029 Alpha Test, please visit http://2029.igg.com/news/view.php?aid=198 .

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