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2010 ELAN Awards

Judges sought.


For Immediate Release

Looking for Judges Worldwide for San Diego Awards Show

NEW YORK, NY & VANCOUVER, BC January 12, 2010 - Now that submissions for the video game award categories are officially open and underway, ELAN Founder and CEO Holly Carinci and Chairman Justin Townsend (Founder of in-game advertising giant IGA Worldwide) are turning their attention to bringing together the best professionals from around the world to be their judges.

"We are looking for 150 professionals to act as Judge and Jury for this year's show," reports Carinci.

"Every year I feel very honored by the people who answer this call. These people are very busy and the fact that they get involved with us as seriously as they do really says something about the integrity of this business. A great example for this year already would be Dr. D. Michelle Hinn."

Dr. Hinn has a PhD from the University of Illinois and runs the world's largest charity for gamers with disabilities. "She's also met Reagan, Bush (41), Carter, Clinton, McCain and most of the Washington Elite including heads of foreign governments. She's sat with the Queen of Spain for an hour for tea, and she's our Head Judge for our award category, "Most Accessible Game"", says Carinci. She shakes her head smiling, "I just love doing this show." Seth MacFarlane 2008

While neither a PhD nor having had tea with a Queen is a requirement to being a Judge for the 2010 ELAN Awards, there is a list of requirements that have to be met and you must apply.

The Application to Judge forms can be downloaded and filled out electronically from www.theelans.com. While the Official Website for the 2010 ELAN Awards will not be launched until next month, everything you need to download to submit into the award categories is also there and if you do so before January 29th early bird rates apply.



Holly Carinci

The ELAN Awards

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