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1940's style war planes and futuristic enemy aircraft heavily bomb the GDI offices....

FuQuay-Varina, NC, USA Tuesday, January 25, 2005 -- GarageDeveloper International (http://www.garagedeveloperinternational.com/) has reported that it's retail store and offices were heavily bombed by 1940's World War 2 styled war planes and futuristic enemy aircraft.

The devastating event caused extensive sensory overload to players of Jets 'N' Guns, the culprit in which the war planes and aircraft are featured. Onlookers reported seeing colorful cows, parachute jumpers, tanks, and numerous building explosions(in the computer generated sense) on various high performance computer systems all over the facility. "It felt just like everything was right out of a Hollywood movie.", stated one onlooker. "The hard core graphics and sound effects left me and my son feeling elated. Playing fun computer games is addictive."

Small business owners and office personnel from various locations all around downtown FuQuay-Varina reported feeling the chair-rattling after effects.

Amidst the disruption, many downtown patrons observed men, women and children fleeing the store with their arms filled with 2-3 copies of the Jets 'N' Guns CDRom. "I didn't want to get plowed over, so I decided to stay inside my store.", stated one business owner. "I knew of their website, so I went online. The free demo game download was easy to get. After I played it, I went ahead and bought the full version as an instant download/CD combination.". The onslaught which took place over a 5 hour span, gravely effected the company's normal day to day operations.

"We don't know what to make of it. We're currently assessing the situation.", stated GDI officials. "Obviously, Jets 'N' Guns is a pretty entertaining computer video game in terms of old school shoot em up gameplay." With the ability to equip the game's warplanes with 57 different weapons and take on 200 original enemy masters of destruction, the threat of fierce side scrolling combat is bound to provide months of conflict at GDI. "The humor alone in the game pretty much guarantees that. Arcade styled games like this don't normally cause this much commotion.", GDI officials added. In anticipation of more catastrophic graphical events, the publishing label has taken precautionary steps to prepare its compound for ensuing melees.

Reports from unidentified sources confirm that Jets 'N' Guns comes complete with 21 levels that are full of thrilling side scrolling action and non-stop shooting scenarios. The onslaught will likely take place in deep space, the jungle, in a frozen ocean, or on a lava planet.

To experience the cause of all the ruckus, Jets 'N' Guns 2.0 can be purchased from GarageDeveloper International in 3 options for the price of a really bad DVD movie and a large 2-day old pizza. The purchase options are: Instant Download Only, CDRom Only, and the Instant Download/CDRom Combination. The arcade game is a formidable tool to effectively test your Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, and 2003 based computer systems. You must also have Direct X 9 installed.

About GarageDeveloper International

Based in the historic district of downtown FuQuay-Varina NC, USA, GarageDeveloper International, is an independent game publishing label established in 1999. They publish and distribute the popular Indie Game Madness! CDRom series which is sold online and from their retail store. The CDRom series features computer games that are developed by independent game developers worldwide and is often stolen by a band of crooks known as the Conniving Crack Head Thieves-(http://www.ConnivingCrackHeadThieves.com/)

Visit them online at http://www.GarageDeveloperInternational.com/

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