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17% of social network gamers think themselves "addicted"

Lightspeed survey finds 58% of social networkers use it for games

More than half of all social network users play games on their service of choice, according to a new survey from Lightspeed Research.

The market research company claimed 58 per cent of users had played a social game, with 68 per cent of those doing so within the last year.

17 per cent of those who played social games asserted that they were "addicted" to them, though the survey did not investigate whether this meant they were simply compelled to play often or did indeed suffer a psychological dependency on FarmVille et al.

Said Lightspeed Europe MD Ralph Risk, "Social games are becoming a key aspect in people's lives, with almost one in five people feeling they are addicted.

"At the same time they are opening up the gaming market to new groups of people, making it a great opportunity for brands to communicate with players through providing an engaging experience and useful and relevant rewards."

53 per cent of social gamers played daily, with the 55 to 64 age bracket proving more frequent players than those aged 18 to 34.

Additionally, 17 per cent of identified social gamers played on mobiles as well as their computers.

In terms of these players generating revenue, a total 34 per cent of social gamers had responded to marketing-promoted in-game rewards.

18 per cent had followed an advert to do so, while 3 per cent had gone as far as signing up for a new credit card that offered bonus virtual goods.


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