Fox creates new video games division: FoxNext

New division will also handle location-based entertainment, VR and AR

By Christopher Dring

HTC Vive pledges $10m to VR projects that “create positive impact and change”

Platform holder will support developers working on virtual reality games designed to raise awareness of poverty, famine, gender equality and more

By James Batchelor

Oculus moving to IARC age ratings

VR store will require body's certificates for all releases

Facebook could invest another $3 billion in VR over the next decade

ZeniMax vs. Oculus trial reveals Mark Zuckerberg's shifting expectations: "These things end up being more complex than you think up front"

By Matthew Handrahan

The Podcast returns, first episode available now

Dan and James are joined by FuturLab's Kirsty Rigden to discuss virtual reality in the year ahead as well as the tech's future applications beyond games

By James Batchelor

Oculus VR destroyed evidence regarding Rift's creation, ZeniMax claims

"ZeniMax and id Software are the visionary developers of breakthrough VR technology"

By Matthew Handrahan

Oculus VR condemns "wasteful litigation" as ZeniMax lawsuit begins

A Dallas court heard the opening statements yesterday, trial is expected to last three weeks

By Matthew Handrahan

No half-measures in VR

Namazu studio head Patrick Twohig says studio's decision to make Nebulous work with and without VR hurt both versions of the game

By Brendan Sinclair

Zynga, EEDAR vets launch VR studio focused on tabletop games

Experiment 7 wants to make tabletop and board games “better than life,” will publish other developers' titles on its Magic Table platform

By James Brightman

Sweeney: VR platforms must stay open, Oculus following “the wrong model”

Epic Games co-founder believes Oculus is making the same mistake as Apple in cutting off its audience from other virtual reality users

By James Batchelor

Job Simulator tops $3 million in sales

Owlchemy Labs dubs its comic multiplatform VR game "the most popular VR title to date"

By Brendan Sinclair

VR's Minority Report moment is almost here

Weekly roundup: As the news cycle heats up in 2017, VR once again is in the spotlight with Vive aiming to make a splash

By James Brightman

5m Gear VR headsets sold worldwide

Samsung reveals mobile virtual reality device sales figures, says users have spent 10m hours watching 360-degree videos

By James Batchelor

Oculus buys eye-tracking firm The Eye Tribe

Acquisition follows a similar deal from Google, points to central role of eye-tracking in VR's future

By Matthew Handrahan

VR killer app, Red Dead 2 and Nintendo Switch top games industry's 2017 wish list

We ask leading indies and games industry figureheads about their highlights of the past year and most anticipated releases

By James Batchelor

Riccitiello: VR will be mainstream by 2020

Unity boss believes virtual reality will reach 100m users within the next four years, doesn't expect “explosive growth in 2017”

By James Batchelor

What VR can learn from casual games

Steve Zhao of Glo Games explains the importance of making VR accessible to everybody, not just core gamers

By Steve Zhao

G2A adds VR development to its ambitions

Controversial key retailer begins building its own episodic virtual reality World War II shooter

By James Batchelor

Virtual reality, touchscreen hinted at in Nintendo Switch patents

Diagrams indicate Gear VR-style accessories for forthcoming Nintendo console, as well as smartphone-style multi-touch screen

By James Batchelor

VR: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Oculus establishing PC and mobile VR as separate units is a good move for the future - but VR platform holders need to do a better job of selling the present

By Rob Fahey

Activision, Pandemic vets team up for VR/AR

Seismic Games acquires Grue Games; CEO Greg Borrud tells us, "We are treating VR as more R&D vs. going 'all-in'"

By James Brightman

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