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Star Control creators accuse Stardock of selling games unlawfully pulling games from sale as publisher says devs have gone years without asserting rights, should have addressed it sooner

"The old publishing model has died"

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell on the evolution of his studio into a development incubator, and why tablet devs are flocking back to PCs

Blizzard veteran building cloud service for Stardock

Former Blizzard systems engineer Adrian Luff moves to Stardock to launch the cloud-based Project Tachyon

Stardock jumps into new territory with Stardock Mobile

The PC developer and publisher reveals its first three mobile games

New vice president for Stardock Entertainment

Derek Paxton gets promotion, "has really transformed the game studio," says CEO

Stardock creating fund for startups

Galactic Civillizations developer using proceeds from sale of Impulse for new investment fund

Rebellion files lawsuit against Stardock and Ironclad Games

Claims Sins of a Solar Empire expansion infringes trademark

Stardock sues marketer over poor Elemental reception

Company alleges that former employee destroyed promo materials

Stardock considers completely abandoning retail

Sins of a Solar Empire developer cautious of retail future, contemplates digital only

Stardock shares games with Steam

Sins Of A Solar Empire: Trinity first title to be made available

Stardock hits back at GamersGate criticisms

Wardell questions GamersGate revenues and market share, suggests attack was a sign of weakness

Impulse "an outdated distribution platform" - GamersGate CEO

Bergquist suggests GameStop acquired "Steam's lesser talented stepchild" for a low price

GameStop to acquire Stardock's Impulse download service

Retail giant also acquires streaming and cloud technology experts Spawn Labs

Stardock customer report calls Elemental a "black eye"

Frank company assessment reveals huge changes to "casual" dev attitude

Layoffs at Stardock following "disastrous launch"

CEO's "catastrophic poor judgement" led to lost revenue on strategy title Elemental

Acting on Impulse

Stardock CEO Brad Wardell talks publishing deals and the company's new Impulse Reactor platform

Random House expands into game space

Traditional publisher inks partnership with Stardock on Elemental: War of Magic

Stardock adds Ubisoft, Activision games to Impulse

Publisher's Impulse games-on-demand service beefs up catalogue with Call of Duty 4 and Prototype, more to follow

Stardock CEO details "nightmare" Demigod launch

Around 100,000 sales hampered by poor online design, piracy and early release

Demigod crippled by over 100,000 pirates

Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, comments on the challenges of weeding out illegitimate users

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