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What's next for PSVR

Sony's content roadshow exhibits promising indie games, but no first-party milestones

PS4, Overwatch absolutely dominated games media coverage in 2016

Blizzard and Sony crushed opposition for column inches, says ICO Partners study

Sony patents Vive-like tracking system, hints at wireless PSVR

Application shows Lighthouse-style set-up to counteract current light interference

Sony needs to show its commitment to PSVR

Resident Evil 7 is a great coup, but the company must prove the platform isn't going the way of PS Move

PlayStation reorganises European senior management team

Simon Rutter becomes COO and Tim Stokes named senior VP as president Jim Ryan stresses the importance of regional strength

Global PlayStation 4 sales pass 53m

6.2m consoles and 50.4m software units sold over the holiday season, Uncharted 4 total sales top 8.7m

PlayStation 4 worldwide sales surpass 50m

Milestone achieved thanks to launch of PS4 Pro and "best ever Black Friday week in PlayStation history"

Sony already the market leader in virtual reality

New report suggests successful launch of PlayStation VR and PS4 install base puts platform holder ahead of Oculus and Vive

PS4 Pro: Boom or Bust?

What does the fragmentation of the console business mean for developers?

"We weren't expecting this many people would buy a PlayStation 4"

Shuhei Yoshida says platform still exceeding expectations

Sony sells 3m PS4 in Q1 as operating income jumps 350%

$2.4bn in revenues and $160m profit for Games & Network Services arm

Revenues up 33% YoY for PlayStation

14.8 million PS4s sold in FY 2014 makes segment corp's biggest earner

Sony preparing around 200,000 PS4s a year for Chinese market

Company readies for new market after Xbox One's success

Fergal Gara on PlayStation Vita: "It's proving remarkably resilient"

Sony UK chief sees a new, more specialised future for the device

Sony loses $8m on games as overall business cuts forecast by 40%

Exchange rates hide some of the story as corp prepares for Q3/4

Journey and Walking Dead winners at PSN Gamers' Choice Awards

PlayStation gamers pick sand and zombies in platform contest


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