Side is an award winning production company providing creative services to the games industry. With over ten years experience and a reputation for high quality production, Side is a trusted partner for leading publishers and developers around the world.

Our creative services include:

Casting Voice, physical performance, facial likeness
Directing Vocal performance, MoCap, Performance Capture
Character Creation
Narrative Design
Recording Facilities

Selected projects: The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings (CD Projekt Red); BRINK (Splash Damage/Bethesda); Fable III (Lionhead); Total War: Shogun 2 (The Creative Assembly) Goldeneye 007 (Activision/Eurocom); Star Wars: The Old Republic (LucasArts)

Side & Sidelines Engaging character performances

Side UK

  • Great Titchfield House, 14-18 Great Titchfield Street
  • London
  • W1W 8BD
  • United Kingdom
  • +44 (0)20 7631 4800
  • Ben Ryalls


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