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Sega Europe boss Jurgen Post to leave after ten years

John Ward, current Sega Europe CFO, will act as interim COO

Jurgen Post: “The Sega brand will come back and start to flourish again”

In his final interview as Sega Europe COO, Post talks about the publisher's transformation

Sega Europe names new digital VP

James Schall promoted from director of digital distribution to grow business in PC and console space

Sega strategy calls for revival of dormant franchises

Sonic publisher looking to boost game sales 50% in next three years partly by bringing back "major IPs"

Total War and Persona 5 lift Sega's games revenue

Full-year results show $831 million in digital and packaged games revenue, with 10.28 million units sold-in

Sega: Pitchford did "whatever the f*** he likes"

Sega hits back in Aliens: Colonial Marines false advertising suit

Mike Hayes joins VR specialist nDreams

Former SEGA CEO to sit on the board of UK studio

David Icke attacks Sega

Battle to access song rights owned by Creative Assembly

Vaizey praises UK games investment at Creative Content Summit

Minster for DCMS highlights Creative Assembly and Activision Leeds

Creative Assembly: Refocus at Sega is exciting for us

Brand director Rob Bartholomew on how publisher is dedicating itself to "crown jewel IPs"

Sega closing five European offices this year

Euro boss Jurgen Post tells GI that Sega is preparing for the future


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