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Sumo Digital, Monumental Games and over 30 other companies are using our unique model to establish their OWN, LOW RISK, studios offshore. <p><br /> Imagine a location where there is high availability of almost infinitely scalable skills, where those skills are available at very low costs and, above all, where those people are YOURS to manage. <p><br /> <b>YOUR staff - Doing what YOU want them to - Understanding YOUR time lines - Understanding YOUR quality requirements - Living YOUR culture - Batting for YOUR studio.</b> <p><br /> Imagine what you can do with your own local staff by freeing them of the essential drudgery involved in creating a game.<p><br /> So, bear in mind the headaches of using offshore out-sourcers. <b>But remember why you had to do it.</b> <p><br /> Call me for a brief introduction to a unique new option that will take you into a new world full of opportunities! <p><br /> Prem

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