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Starr Long joins Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar

Ultima Online producer re-teams with Lord British for Kickstarted online fantasy RPG

Richard Garriott Kickstarter hits goal

Shroud of the Avatar tops $1 million in backing with 19 days to go

Garriott's new RPG is "the antithesis of MMOs"

Lord British looks to Kickstarter for new PC/tablet project, Shroud of the Avatar; it's a "chance to go back to his roots" he tells us

Redundancies hit Portalarium - report

Richard Garriott's social developer lays off staff at its Austin studio

Portalarium partners with Zynga for Ultimate Collector

Ultimate Collector is coming to Zynga's network

Richard Garriott's Portalarium raises $7 million

The social games developer is preparing to release its first feature product, Ultimate Collector

Investment in Garriott's Portalarium totals $3.6 million

UK and San Francisco companies back vision of Ultima creator

Portalarium's Richard Garriott

On his new Lord British-style game, standardising social gaming, and the problem with start-ups

Social game start-ups overpriced, creating "junk" - Garriott

Market will thin out with handful of big players quickly; developers "in over their heads," says online vet

Industry must "smarten up" about social networks - Garriott

Portalarium founder warns: "Participate yesterday, or you will be left behind"

The Return of the Space Cowboy

Richard Garriott details his comeback to the industry and talks social media gaming


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