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Cities: Skylines has sold 3.5 million across all platforms

Paradox Interactive toasts Colossal Order's success with free DLC for the Cities: Skylines community

When the customer is always alt-right

Weekly Recap: Stellaris publisher blocks a whites-only mod, E3 gets a side show for the public, and game-based movies continue

Tencent acquiring 5% equity in Paradox

Chinese online giant's investment puts Crusader Kings publisher's total value around $420 million

Stellaris breaks day-one records for Paradox

Space-based 4X sells 200,000 in under 24 hours

Paradox will offer 15 per cent of its stock in IPO next month

IPO will be done in the "Paradox way," focusing on, "employees, fans and the general public in Sweden"

"Bungie has a deal with Activision for 20 years or something. We would be interested in doing something like that"

Paradox is on the eve of an IPO, but Fredrik Wester isn't looking to settle down

Cities: Skylines has sold 2 million units

Colossal Order's city-builder reaches a new milestone, buoyed by its vibrant modding community

Paradox-Ruffian partnership "amicably terminated"

Hollowpoint on hold after creative differences cause publisher and developer of co-op action game to part ways

Paradox aiming for an IPO this year

Publisher behind Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis exploring conditions to go public

Players are value creators - Paradox CEO

Fredrik Wester explains why Crusader Kings II has had a broken tutorial for a year and nobody seems to care

Paradox Interactive buys White Wolf Publishing

Former CCP company to operate independently as new Paradox subsidiary

Cities: Skylines sells over 1 million

Paradox title moves more than a million copies in just over a month since release

Cities: Skylines breaks Paradox sales records

250,000 copies sold, including pre-orders, in its first 24 hours

Paradox passed on World of Tanks, Banner Saga

"There's a lot of money to be made in a lot of games, but it's not always our money to make."

Paradox "freezes" Runemaster development

Pledges to keep team at the company, re-use parts of the game in other projects

Crusader Kings II sells over a million

"Proving our point about game design for the truly dedicated"

Paradox teases "big" announcement for Gamescom conference

Watch the livestream here 8pm BST, 9pm CEST

DRM not the way to fight piracy - Paradox

CEO Fredrik Wester would rather incentivize those who purchase than punish those who steal

Paradox to hand over Salem next month

Seatribe will take ownership of permadeath MMO

Paradox: Using an axe to carve a niche

GameHorizon Live: "Add things [to your game] that only total nerds care about" - Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester

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