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14% of Americans over 13 follow eSports - Nielsen

Overwatch appeals to a younger demographic than other eSports titles

Mobile hits need new content 3-5 weeks post-launch - Nielsen

Consumer research firm identifies when players most want updates, breaks down what types of content work for which games

Nielsen: eSports audience is 81 per cent male

In an increasingly diverse games market, a new report gives the eSports audience a distinctly retro feel

Nielsen: Kids want iOS and Wii U for the holidays

Apple will sell a number of iPads in the next six months

Nielsen: 56 per cent of US households own 7th-gen console

Xbox, PlayStation and Wii dominate US living room, 39 per cent also own an iOS device

Report: Half of consoles played in living room

Wii is living room favourite, with Xbox 360 king of the bedroom finds study

Xbox 360 'leads' US online gaming

Nielsen report also reveals that the PS3 appears to be used more for all-round entertainment

Nielsen: iOS devices more desired by kids than consoles

30% of 6-12s want iPad/Touch; only 12% want 360

Nielsen: 10% of online time spent gaming

Americans spend 407m hours per month in online games, but only 329m emailing

EEDAR and Nielsen offer game marketing analysis

Research firms team up to advise on burgeoning $126m sector

Research: PS3 exclusives don't sell consoles

Playing a specific game is least popular reason to buy a console; Blu-ray comes out on top


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