Lifebar is a video game content company. Providing the latest news, reviews, previews, game info and more, Lifebar strives to keep gamers plugged in to the info they're craving.

Lifebar is attempting to be unique in not just our delivery of your gaming information, but the inclusion of the gaming community into the industry. Currently, Lifebar offers a daily blog called The ReGen. This blog acts as a delivery tool for daily gaming news, but also prepares viewers with content regarding our weekly talk show, Vitamin G.

This is where our everyday blogging stops. Lifebar flexes it's unique delivery muscle by producing a weekly video talk show. This talk show centers around the topics during the week, offers questions for viewers to submit video responses to and allows viewers to call in to interact with the hosts.

Television gaming talk isn't the only video programming Lifebar offers. Lifebar dishes up the Pixel Physical. Labeled as a review show, our video reviews are more critiques than anything. Sure, you can go to this site and that site for find information on a game, but Lifebar feels that games and game developers have a certain level of quality to achieve. It is through the Pixel Physical where Lifebar's critics experience everything a game has to offer, and determines the value of the game through it's Presentation (graphics, story, sound, etc.), Gameplay (modes, controls, etc.), Entertainment Value and Replay value.

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