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IO Interactive names new studio head

Former studio production director Hakan Abrak to lead Hitman team

IO Interactive is chasing the most elusive target of all

Hannes Seifert reflects on a successful first season for Hitman, and IO's bold embrace of the "digital AAA age"

Ryan Barnard, Director of The Division, joins IO Interactive

Exec will head up three teams as Gameplay Director

IO: New Hitman game is a solution to AAA accessibility

"I sincerely think that it would be good for many games to do something similar, and many will follow in future"

New Hitman game switches to episodic model

"We fully acknowledge that the decision may frustrate some players"

Hitman dev: Season pass "wrong approach" for gamers

IO Interactive's Hannes Seifert says his studio doesn't want any players to feel ripped off

Hitman developer cuts half of staff, refocuses on series

IO Interactive lays off employees and cancels other development projects

Square-Enix pulls controversial Hitman ad campaign

Publisher forced to retract "assassination" app after industry outcry UPDATE: Square-Enix statement issued

Hitman dev: It's difficult to educate players about choices

IO Interactive had trouble teaching players to think outside the box

Hitman trailer: "never the intention to provoke people"

IO Interactive answers critics of its Attack of the Saints teaser

Square Enix to "set the bar" for pre-order incentives with Hitman: Absolution

Sniper Challenge will be a standalone experience, playable immediately, offering players a "genuine reward"

Around 30 jobs lost at IO Interactive

Rumours point to cancellation of Microsoft project, studio blames nature of game development

IO: Reviews and marketing 'both important'

Niels Jørgensen believes the two communication channels can "reach very different people"

Job losses as IO Interactive scales down

Kane and Lynch studio lets a number of staff go as it reorganises and streamlines operations

IO Interactive's Thomas Howalt

The Danish developer discusses the maturing industry, creating new properties and whether critics have any effect on a studio's morale

New IP is the key to European survival, says IO Interactive

In the face of generous tax breaks and cheap labour, Euro devs can remain relevant by creating new characters and technology

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