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Confusion surrounds GOG's rejection of Opus Magnum

Popular puzzle game from Zachtronics rejected by digital store but developer unable to share details

"Cross-play with other networks? That's not the Microsoft of ten years ago"

Marcin Iwinski sees a bright future for CD Projekt's GOG Galaxy, even in a world where Steam and UWP exist begins selling in-development games

Retailer's take on Early Access built on curated selection of titles, 14-day refunds for any reason

GOG opens up Galaxy beta

Digital storefront expands with Steam-like service featuring auto-updating games, achievements, friends lists

GOG moves into movies

Online game store adds selection of DRM-free documentaries, looks to expand to classic movies, TV shows

GOG adds first Linux games

DRM-free storefront launches open-source OS support earlier than expected with a slate of 50 titles launches Galaxy, online activation not required

New gaming service will allow gamers to play together regardless of where they made their purchases

The gamification of buying games

GOG's Insomnia Sale aims for addiction without adding to the race to the bottom for digital game prices adds Linux support

More than 100 games to launch with the service this autumn launches indie outreach

Online storefront intros new portal for devs to submit their games for sale, offers advance on royalties announces Windows 8 support

Old games meet new operating system Huge sales "damage the long-term value of your brand"

Online retailer claims that regular 80 per cent discounts, such as what Steam offers, damage perceived value of games looking to sign new releases in 2012

DRM-free download service will hit 400 games and add exclusive titles to service

Good Old Games: only 250 more PC titles worth having

UPDATED: Retro download site's boss thinks site will pursue 'other directions' once PC catalogue is maxed-out

GoG's Guillaume Rambourg

Good Old Games' MD on the future of the past

Good Old Games admits closure a hoax, relaunches

Retro download side lifts 'beta' tag and rewrites codebase following fake shutdown signs up Unreal franchise

Epic's best-selling series to be sold by the classic PC-games digital distributor

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