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SouthPeak acquires Gamecock Media Group

Vocally independent publisher sells to public company

Gamecock signs deal with THQ

Agreement reached over distribution of titles in Australia and New Zealand

Gamecock titles to be available via GameTap

Games will be sold on the online store from launch, with subscription and ad-supported play to be offered later

Gamecock titles now available via Steam

Stronghold Crusader Extreme and Insecticide Part 1 are first titles to be made available through Valve's delivery platform

Gamecock announces European distribution deal

Grants cdv Software Entertainment AG rights to license, market and distribute Gamecock's titles in Europe

Gamecock spearheads European push with ego in check

As Gamecock establishes a solid European base, CEO Mike Wilson tells that publishers should remember to keep their egos in check and listen to those who know games better — the dev teams.

Romero lashes out at Gamecock's Wilson

Doom designer and id Software co-founder John Romero has used his blog to lash out at David Wilson, CEO of Gamecock.

Gamecock gets a foot in Europe

Gamecock Media Group has made its first steps into the European market by appointing former Take-Two marketing manager Sarah Seaby and ex-Gathering of Developers vice president Graeme Struthers to establish its London division.

Gamecock announces plans for EIEIO 2008

Gamecock Media Group has announced plans for its second Expo For Interactive Entertainment, Independent and Original (EIEIO)

Gamecock plans UK office

Gamecock Media Group, currently based in Austin, Texas, has announced its intention to open a new office in the UK

Gamecock signs Replay Studios' Sabotage

Gamecock has signed Replay Studios Sabotage for release on the PC and a next-generation home console, with the WWII game due in the autumn 2008.

Gamecock dates initial releases

Gamecock Media Group has announced that the first two titles published under its banner will be released on October 9 and 31

Ruling the Roost

Gamecock boss Harry Miller on his company's unique approach to publishing and development.

Gamecock signs new Spark IP

Gamecock Media Group has signed a new project from Call of Duty: Finest Hour developer Spark Unlimited.

Gamecock to publish new TimeGate title

Gamecock Media Group has signed the publishing rights to TimeGate Studios multiplatform shooter Section 8, due for release in 2009.

More details of Gamecock's alternative to E3

Gamecock Media Group has revealed more details of E.I.E.I.O., a showcase for original games which is designed to rival the E3 Media & Business Summit.

Cock Sure

Gamecock CEO Mike Wilson on why developers should find strength in independence.

Gamecock signs first title from Renegade Kid

Gamecock Media has signed with Renegade Kid to publish the recently-formed developers first title.

Croteam signs with Gamecock for next-gen project

Serious Sam developer Croteam is partnering with publisher Gamecock on a next-gen project.

"We're not in competition", says Gamecock

Newly-established software publisher Gamecock has told our sister site,, that it doesn't consider itself to be in competition with any other publishers.

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