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Funcom's The Secret World picked up for a TV series

Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil will be involved in screen adaptation of relaunched MMO

Secret World re-launching as free-to-play Secret World Legends

After nearly five years, MMO converts business model, overhauls combat, progression, and graphics

Conan Exiles hit 480k unit full-year target in 28 days

Funcom will invest as much as $10 million extra in the game through early 2018, with console launches now planned

Conan Exiles points to brighter future for Funcom

Survival game has recouped idev costs to date after selling 320,000 in its first week on Early Access

Funcom back in black after $6.3m investment

Debt management and cash injection see Conan studio's future secured

"We haven't always made the right decisions...We are all well aware of that."

Funcom CEO Rui Casais on why the MMO firm is looking for a buyer

Funcom reboots LEGO Minifigures Online as pay-to-play

Free-to-play was "was detrimental to the gameplay experience"

Funcom nets $1.6 million for Lego MMO launch

Norwegian studio will receive NOK 9.7 million after issuing 2.2 million new shares

Funcom's revenue falls in Q4

The Secret World drags on Norwegian developer's bottom line

Funcom sees significant revenue rise for Q1 2013

Recent restructuring sees losses reduced at The Secret World developer

Bylos to lead Funcom's new live team

New centralised team will support developer's MMOs

Funcom closing Beijing studio

Secret World maker consolidating live team in Raleigh, mobile and tablet development in Montreal

Funcom confirms closures, restructuring of company

It's unclear how many have been laid off, but Funcom says the moves are necessary to become stronger going forward

Funcom drops subscriptions for The Secret World

But there's still an upfront charge for new players

Ragnar Tørnquist founds Red Thread Games

Secret World director starts his own studio, begins work on new Longest Journey game, Dreamfall Chapters

Secret World designer: MMO needed to be more commercial

Funcom's Martin Bruusgaard examines what went wrong

Secret World "not going free-to-play anytime soon"

Funcom insists it's sticking with subscription model for MMO despite disappointing sales

New game director for The Secret World

Joel Bylos will work alongside Ragnar Tørnquist on MMO

Funcom: "We have the tools to make The Secret World free-to-play"

New CEO Ole Schreiner on the changing world of MMOs and the future of Funcom

Former Funcom CEO investigated for insider trading

Trond Arne Aas allegedly sold 650,000 shares after stepping down prior to stock slump


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