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Firebrand Games have studios in Glasgow, UK and Florida, USA and specialise in the production of racing games.<br /> <br /> We are currently focusing on Nintendo platforms and are working on high quality, high visibility branded games.<br /> <br /> Our teams consist of developers that have worked together for many years and have experience of many different genres and platforms as well as expertise in Racing game development.<br /> <br /> All our games are developed using our proprietary technology; “Octane” which maximises efficiency and ensures consistent quality across products.<br /> <br /> Whether we are creating the latest AAA blockbuster or a smaller game, consistent production values and technology guarantees that having Firebrand’s name on your game is an assurance of quality.<br /> <br /> In just over four years we have shipped 11 games for the Nintendo DS and 1 game for the Nintendo Wii, with more to come.<br /> <br /> Recent products include the IGN Award winning Race Driver: GRID DS, Need for Speed Nitro DS, TrackMania Wii and Need for Speed Undercover DS.

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Office details

  • Suite 227
    Central Chambers
    93 Hope Street
  • Glasgow
  • G2 6LD
  • United Kingdom

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