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CCP CEO: "I would call the VR installed base huge"

CCP's Hilmar Pétursson explains how the EVE developer got into sports with Sparc and why the VR space isn't as tough as some might think

CCP returns to Citizen Science in EVE Online

Second phase of Project Discovery will allow EVE players to aid real-world hunt for exoplanets

EVE Online's foray into citizen science "the first of many"

Massively Multiplayer Online Science will now collaborate with Gearbox on integrating real research into the Borderlands universe

"If we do a good job of this, EVE might even outlive us all"

The introduction of a free tier is in keeping with EVE Online's "adapt or die" spirit, says CEO Hilmar Petursson

CCP cracking down on EVE Online gambling sites

CCP has updated its EULA to stress its anti-gambling policy and has issued account suspensions

CCP on "path to break even" in VR after $30 million investment

CEO Hilmar Petursson says conservative planning brought stability, predicts 2018/19 as the moment when "things really pick up"

Resistance is futile: EVE Online goes free-to-play

CCP Games is adding a free tier in November, but EVE's subscription tier will be unaffected

Oculus aims to spark pre-orders with EVE: Valkyrie pack-in

EVE: Valkyrie will premiere on the Oculus platform in Q1 2016 and all pre-orders of Rift will include a copy

CCP hires chief customer officer

Maria Sayans will serve in the newly created role to focus on the company's relationship with customers

CCP raises $30 million to support VR efforts

Developer gets huge injection of funds "to drive innovation in VR as the technology begins to transform the entertainment industry"

Paradox Interactive buys White Wolf Publishing

Former CCP company to operate independently as new Paradox subsidiary

CCP Games shuts down Vampire The Masquerade fan remake

Confusion over IP rights brings a year-long effort to a close

CCP closing San Francisco office

EVE Online maker also parting ways with chief marketing officer David Reid and chief financial officer Joe Gallo

CCP confirms 49 layoffs

Eve Online studio restructures publishing team

CCP drops into red, losing $21m in FY 2013

R&D expense spike thought to be written-off costs of World of Darkness

CCP cancels World Of Darkness

56 jobs at Atlanta studio cut

EVE Online lead designer joins Riot Games

Kristoffer Touborg departs CCP after five years, joins Riot's Dublin office

CCP CEO: "A big company can become very dumb, very quickly"

Hilmar Petursson on taking CCP worldwide, expanding EVE and chasing new platforms.

Eve Online and Dust 514 offline after DDOS attack

UPDATE: Servers back online. "Vulnerability has now been secured"

CCP Games: Risk vs. Reward

After a decade of constant growth, CCP is doubling-down on EVE's success. David Reid guides us through its bright, uncertain future


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