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Biart Studio is one of the leading computer and videogames companies in Russia. <br /> <br /> Today Biart Studio has three main priorities: <br /> <br /> - development of high technology entertainment and edutainment games<br /> - producing and publishing videogames from independent developers<br /> - localization, adaptation and publishing of social games to Russian and Eastern Europe social networks <br /> <br /> Biart Studio has developed its own multi-platform engine for PC, Microsoft Xbox 360®, Sony Playstation® 3, Sony Playstation® Portable, Apple iPhone®, Apple iPad®, Android, Tablets. <br /> <br /> Biart Studio is technological partner of NVIDIA, Intel companies and also has the license for games production on Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, Sony Playstation Portable. <br /> <br /> Biart Studio is located in Russian silicon valley with the main office in Moscow.<br /> <br /> Mission:<br /> Biart Studio focuses on original products, which should be attractive from commercial point of view and possess distinct social value.


  • 115446
    Kolomenskiy pr, 17
  • Moscow
  • Russian Federation

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