Balderton Capital

We are one of the largest venture capital funds in Europe, and that means we are better positioned to support our companies for longer, with stronger resources.

Balderton's aim is to help build long-lasting, great companies. We look for genuine innovation that creates sustainable, profitable companies.

Balderton invests in innovative companies in many different sectors, including enterprise software and services, communications and security, semiconductors, mobile computing, consumer services, plus media and financial services.

We invest primarily in European-based companies. However, we have invested also in US and Asia based companies and will continue to be opportunistic about investing abroad.

Since 2000, Balderton has invested in over 80 companies across a wide variety of sectors and geographies, in Europe, the US and Asia.


  • 20 Balderton Street
  • London
  • W1K 6TL
  • United Kingdom
  • +44 (0) 20 7016 6800


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