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Game industry coming around on story - Hoyer

ArenaNet narrative head says growing budgets have publishers understanding the need to get players invested

Subscription-free Guild Wars 2 coming to China

"Guild Wars 2 China will be synchronised with the worldwide version of the game"

Guild Wars 2 marketed more like HBO or Netflix than Call of Duty

On the game's one-year anniversary, [a]list daily speaks to ArenaNet's global marketing head about the game's success

Guild Wars 2 gets seven live dev teams

Lead designer Colin Johanson details development structure going forward

Guild Wars 2 sells 2 million

NCsoft's subscription-free MMO passes milestone two weeks after launch

Thousands of Guild Wars 2 passwords hacked

Update: Stolen passwords and email addresses used to access unspecified accounts

Guild Wars 2 tops ten European charts

ArenaNet MMO dominates sales across Europe

Critical Consensus: Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet delivers the most compelling MMO in years, and a strong argument for the death of the monthly subscription

ArenaNet boss: None of us are sleeping very much

Mike O'Brien on the Guild Wars 2 launch, competing with free-to-play and Reddit

ArenaNet signs deal to take Guild Wars 2 to China

Forms partnership with KongZhong Corporation in one of the biggest licensing deals for a Western game in China

Guild Wars 2 crosses 1 million in sales prior to launch

ArenaNet's pre-purchase HeadStart program pays off

ArenaNet: Have subs MMOs been ridden to death?

"For all we know there is a type of game out there that will continue to benefit from a subscription model, I've just not heard of it yet"

ArenaNet: Where there's profit, someone will cheat to get it

Studio president Mike O'Brien explains how Guild Wars 2's microtransaction system hopes to avoid bots and hacking

Guild Wars 2 pre-purchased by "hundreds of thousands"

As ArenaNet ramps up its beta program, the developer is seeing "huge demand" for the game

Guild Wars 2 digital sales closed at ArenaNet

The developer ceases digital sales of its upcoming MMO to ensure a smooth launch

Guild Wars 2 dev has content plans for "years to come"

One of the most anticipated MMOs of this year is looking towards the long-term game

Guild Wars hits 5 million units sold

NCsoft has revealed that the Guild Wars franchise has sold over five million units in Europe, Asia and North America.

Guild Wars tops 4 million sales

MMO publisher NCsoft has revealed that the Guild Wars franchise has sold over four million units worldwide since its release just over two years ago.

GCDC: Films and MMOs don't mix - Strain

According to Jeff Strain, co-founder or Guild Wars developer ArenaNet, basing an MMO on an existing film, TV or book franchise won't lead to success in the genre.


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