Cloud Gaming USA

San Francisco, USA
Thu 4th Sep - Fri 5th Sep

Harness the full power of cloud across design, distribution and analytics to maximise revenue across all channels

- Join 250+ C-level decision makers at the industry's original and largest cloud gaming event!

- Learn the latest on player behaviour: Exclusive stats on player behaviour across different platforms, devices and markets to strengthen your business model

- Winning pricing strategies: Monetize your games with strategies that combine the best from traditional, micro transactional, free2play and subscription models to increase acquisition and retention

- Utilize in game analytics: Understand your connected gamer so you can create tailored gaming experiences

- Grow your reach across devices: Effectively break up games across devices and platforms to grow and maximize the penetration of your franchise

- Develop richer games: Make the most of cloud design capability to save studio costs and outsource tools to create advanced games

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