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Job Title Publishing Associate
Skills Required Marketing Assistant,Brand / Product Manager
Job Description Wargaming has offices all around the globe -- in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Cyprus, France, Germany, the USA, South Korea, Singapore, Australia and Japan. As one of the fastest growing game developers and publishers, we are looking for strong specialists with a passion for games to join our 2800-strong team of dedicated professionals.

Whether you are a veteran game industry employee or just getting started, it's your drive for excellence and perfection that will matter. It's precision, creativity and fresh thinking that we value the most. And it's the combined effort of every single Wargaming team member that will continue to drive our success.

Join us -- let's roll out and go to battle together!

Job Description

You are the Development ambassador to the Publishing departments for all things World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition.  You step lightly through the battlefield between typical developer\publisher relations bringing peace and harmony through cooperation and strong communication skills.  Your attention to detail ensures that every release, promotion and activity goes smoothly due to plenty of advanced planning and tracking.  You always know what’s coming next to the game and anticipate the desires of PR, Marketing and Middle Management worldwide.  Your favorite reading subjects  are check-in messages, .xml files and marketing calendars.

Your Focus:
  • An experienced gamer across genres and platforms
  • A relations expert with multiple titles under your belt
  • Experienced in quality assurance, customer server or community management on at least one title
  • A self-starter that finds answers to every question and creates them where they don’t exist
  • Always hungry for knowledge and just as eager to share it, document it and act upon it
  • Constantly improving process, communication and relations whenever issues arise
  • A believer that mistakes don’t “just happen” and are the result of a lack of attention to detail
  • Able to learn what you need to be successful and grow into the position quickly


What you need to succeed:
  • Know all of Marketing’s plans and promotions for the game what is required from development
  • Keep a meticulous calendar of releases, features and events constantly updated and broadcasted company wide
  • Be an expert on World of Tanks: 360 Editions, the tanks, how the game works and what’s coming next
  • Study BI analytics watching trends and looking for opportunities in which both departments can learn
  • Vet and arrange for testing of all game promotions and activities
  • Proactively seek out publishing needs and feedback for the game in advance, preventing team randomization
  • Seek and provide answers efficiently, allowing developers to focus on the game and publishing to do their job
  • Banish confusion, defuse confrontation and stamp out ignorance wherever you encounter it
  • Be the savior of time and temperament for others, allowing everyone to make a legendary game
Salary Based on Experience
Location Chicago
Job Category Marketing
Date posted 18/02/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Wargaming Chicago-Baltimore using their internal reference Publishing Associate.
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