Senior Tech Programmer

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Job Title Senior Tech Programmer
Job Category Graphics / Engine
Job Description This studio is looking for a real grease monkey to work on the nuts and bolts of the game engine. As a Senior Tech Programmer, you often analyze complex requirements and programming structures and turn them into simple, effective designs with even better implementations. You're very ambitious, and even though you like tried-and-tested methods you're not afraid to try something radical or new every now and then. Your skills are in the fields of graphics, audio, memory management, streaming, optimization or any combination thereof. The systems you produce are efficient, easy to maintain and they do what the end-user wants (regardless of whether that end user is a 3D artist, a sound director, a game designer or another coder). You encourage other people to be ambitious as well, but you always make sure to avoid unnecessary risks. 

Can you field-strip a game engine blindfolded? We want to hear from you if:
  • You've worked on (and completed) several games
  • You have a fiery passion for programming in general
  • You have a special knack for fast and scalable technology that is customer-focused
  • You're fluent in C++

We especially want to hear from you if:
  • You have a helpful, solution-oriented attitude
  • You have very good knowledge of the mathematics behind 3D graphics
  • You are familiar with the inner workings of current GPU architectures
  • You have experience designing and implementing parallel/distributed systems
  • You are fluent with OpenGL, DirectX, GCM, etc.
Location Amsterdam
Job Category Programming
Date posted 04/08/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Recruit 3D using their internal reference .
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