Senior Systems Programmer

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Job Title Senior Systems Programmer
Job Category Graphics / Engine,Build Engineer
Job Description We are looking for a senior systems programmer to help improve our core engine. The core engine is in charge of processing large amounts of complex data, ensuring a smooth flow from the hands of the developers, through various build servers and optimization steps, into the final game. It integrates with all game sub systems and as a critical part of the development process it needs to be very reliable and have very good performance. The core engine itself is an integral part of the game engine, written in C++, while some of the surrounding tools are made in C#. All are maintained and developed by the tools team, which takes input from all disciplines (art, design & coding) to help streamline the entire game creation process, always trying to increase productivity and creative freedom. 


Are you the systems programmer we’re looking for? We want to hear from you if:
  • You have extensive C++ system programming experience;
  • You have a passion for solving very complex problems with high quality code;
  • You actually like working on heavily multithreaded code;
  • You have excellent knowledge of C++, both at the low and high level;
  • You’re comfortable working with a large existing code-base and tool set;
  • You enjoy working in an innovative, highly technical and dynamic development environment;


We especiallywant to hear from you if any of the following apply:
  • You don’t mind digging into the Windows Kernel Data Structures to read the TIB from userland.
  • You know the difference between a CRITICAL_SECTION, Mutex and SRWLock (optionally: can explain it on a whiteboard).
  • You can read various flavors of Assembly language (and enjoy it).
  • You think Clang has the nicest AST’s by far (and you can tell us why).
  • You have experience with parallel programming, distributed processes or client-server development.
  • You have past experience with large, scalable systems and high performance computers in an unrelated industry.
  • You have past experience in a similar position in the gaming industry.
Location Amsterdam
Job Category Programming
Date posted 03/07/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Recruit 3D using their internal reference .
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