Senior GUI Tools coder

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Job Title Senior GUI Tools coder
Job Category Tools,UI / Front End
Job Description This studio is recruiting for a Senior GUI Tools Programmer to reinforce its Tools & Tech division. Our tools team develops standalone tools (mostly written in C++ or C#, sometimes in Python), as well as editing functionality integrated in the game or in Maya (written in C++ and Python). It is also responsible for the asset pipeline, ensuring a smooth flow from the hands of the developers, through various build servers and optimization steps and into the final game. As a GUI tools programmer you work with all disciplines (design, animation, art, lighting etc.) to help streamline the entire game creation process. You’ll work together with designers, artists and other programmers to analyze their workflow, identify areas for improvement, and implement tools and processes to increase their productivity and creative freedom. You’ll develop new GUI tools and improve existing ones, keeping a strong focus on the user interface and the underlying workflow process.  


Are you the GUI tools programmer we’re looking for? We want to hear from you if:
  • You’re an experienced C++ or C# programmer with a keen interest in GUI development;
  • You like working closely with the users of your tools, trying to figure out what it is that they really need;
  • You have previous tool development experience; preferably in the games industry;
  • You’re comfortable working with a very large existing code-base and tool set;
  • You enjoy working in an innovative, highly dynamic development environment.


We especiallywant to hear from you if:
  • You possess knowledge of 3D and graphics-related algorithms.
  • You have experience with Maya or other DCC tools.
  • You have experience with client-server programming and distributed processes.
  • You have past experience programming C++ or C# GUI applications using Qt, WPF or WinForms in an unrelated industry.
  • You have past experience with large, scalable systems and high performance computers in an unrelated industry.
  • You have past experience in a similar position in the gaming industry.
Location Amsterdam
Job Category Programming
Date posted 30/06/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Recruit 3D using their internal reference .
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