Principal Character Artist

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Job Title Principal Character Artist
Job Category Character Artist
Job Description This studio is looking for a Principal Character Artist.

The successful candidate will be the central figure of a small character team, including freelancers and external partners. We want someone who has the drive to push our character art to the next level, and who understands that great video game character art starts but does not end with amazing sculpture. We need people who have insight into every stage of character production, from modeling, to surfacing, to rendering and articulation. You will set the bar for the rest of the team, and ensure that it’s maintained by setting processes and convention, then supervising and tutoring. Soloists need not apply – we’re looking for someone who can inspire their colleagues to greater heights – actively mentoring and training instead of simply leading by example. 


We want to hear from you if:
  • You have expert-level understanding of game character creation from start to finish, and have the confidence and ambition to beat the best of what’s out there. Specifically:
    • You understand surfacing and lighting, both from an artistic and technical POV, and know how to create truly believable materials.
    • You have an appreciation of rigging and articulation, and can build characters for perfect deformation.
    • You’re a master of anatomy, in terms of both form and motion.
    • And last but not least – you’re a world class sculptor, who can work in any style – real or expressive, hard-surface or organic.
  • You’re more interested in establishing the standard for the studio as a whole, rather than creating individual characters.
  • You’re not intimidated by the technical side of games production. You know real-time computer graphics inside and out, and keep yourself at the cutting edge. You understand how to get the best from the hardware without compromising performance or stability.
  • You understand the difference between co-operations and collaboration, and know how to get the most from collaborating with individuals outside your own discipline.
  • You’re open to and will act on criticism and feedback. You can take, understand and apply art direction, even if you might not personally agree.
  • You have a realistic appraisal of your own strengths and weaknesses, and you’re constantly striving to improve. You keep abreast of all the latest technology, workflow tips and tools.
  • You have the knowledge to establish effective pipelines and processes, and the ability to set the standard for the rest of the character art team.
  • You have experience with (and enjoy) tutoring more junior colleagues.
  • You know how to, and have experience of working with freelancers and subcontractors.
  • You have a solid understanding of game design principles, and an appreciation of how character art decisions can affect both playability and design production.
  • You’re high on initiative, have great written and verbal communication skills, and know how to manage your time effectively.

 Please note: Applications submitted without a portfolio will not be considered.
Location Amsterdam
Job Category Art / Animation
Date posted 03/07/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of Recruit 3D using their internal reference .
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