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Job Title Product Manager - Monetization
Skills Required Marketing
Job Description Product Manager – Monetization

At NaturalMotion we make free-to play mobile games with two main features: jaw-dropping visuals and super-accessible gameplay. Making sure our games monetize well without undermining the fun or accessibility is key for us and what we need you for.

You will be joining a team of leading game makers and designers working on a top-notch new product in London. As we are in full production mode, this role will shape the game’s monetization to make the product better, the game more enjoyable for all player types and a chart-topper for NaturalMotion.

If you are after world domination, this is your opportunity to put your work at the top of the top-grossing charts.


Key responsibilities of the job

It is your responsibility to shape the game to be super-enjoyable for players while offering spending opportunities with true value. Integrating monetization into a high quality mobile game in this way is complex and you need to be really good at the following:

  • Analyse and deconstruct the game’s mechanics and systems to find out where to optimize
  • Manage interdependencies between key values of the game: fun, accessibility, retention and monetization
  • Work on the game’s monetization holistically as a system, on specific features and also tweaks to individual configurations
  • Designing, tweaking and maintaining all systems, the full economy and the progression curve of the game
  • Analyse game metrics and player behaviour to inform your actions
  • Work with the team to make sure your actions fit within the style of the gameand can be implemented
  • Support product and game design, bridging both disciplines


What you bring to succeed

We are looking for someone with experience in optimizing products based on analytical thinking and a passion for creating amazing games. You need to understand the mobile/games market, numbers and game mechanics and how to bring them together. Deep understanding of free-to-play and systems/economy/monetization design will go a long way.

Most importantly, we need an analytical thinker who can think about monetization in insightful ways. This will help:

  • Previous start-up, social networking and/or consulting experience is a strong plus

  • Experience designing A/B tests to help guide design direction.
  • Familiarity with scripting languages etc. can help
  • Experience creating economic or statistical models, such as rule sets on huge spreadsheets.
  • Passion for making deep, engaging games
  • Ability to think and reason both creatively and logically
  • Advanced Excel knowledge, with the ability to apply formulas to improve a product/game
  • Ability to pitch concepts clearly and effectively

If you’ve done it, you know how. If you don’t, tell us why you can.
Salary Based on experience
Location London
Job Category Marketing
Date posted 08/05/2014
Recruiter This job is advertised on behalf of NaturalMotion using their internal reference oluMYfwj.
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