Virtual Reality

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Deceased Oculus co-founder to be honoured at University of Maryland

Yesterday Part of Brendan Iribe's $31 million complex will be named after co-founder Andrew Reisse, who died in 2013

Oculus Rift arriving at retail

1 days ago VR curious can schedule demos, and purchase headsets, at Best Buy

San Jose college announces VR/AR program

4 days ago "We look forward to helping the industry make sense of the exciting recent developments"

VREAL launches first native game streaming platform for VR

5 days ago Beta program available in summer 2016

Minecraft makes its VR debut

6 days ago The game John Carmack called his "grail" is now available for Samsung Gear VR

Samsung planning more VR headsets

6 days ago "Not necessarily working with our mobile phone"

1 Crytek launches Film Engine VR production tech

7 days ago Creative director Jean-Colas Prunier brings VFX experience from Avatar, The Lord of the Rings and Guardians of the Galaxy

HTC launches $100m VR Accelerator

7 days ago Located in Beijing, San Francisco, Taipei


Early Access "good for our whole industry" - Daybreak

9 days ago Laura Naviaux Sturr, Daybreak's chief publishing officer, on adapting to new business models and bringing H1Z1 into the world of eSports


13 "Gamers are bored... They're ready to spend on something new"

12 days ago Jesse Schell has waited 25 years for consumer VR to arrive, and he has a few theories about how the market will take shape


6 2016 is about VR experiences, not VR sales

Opinion 12 days ago The biggest task facing VR in 2016 is getting as many consumers as possible to experience it, even if they can't buy into it yet

2 VR dev already dropping price

13 days ago Owlchemy Labs reduces HTC Vive title Job Simulator from $40 to $30 after just two weeks on sale

11 Superdata downgrades VR forecast again

14 days ago Rift and Vive fulfillment issues, poor public awareness cited as firm cuts further 22% from this year's sales prediction

1 PlayStation VR to see greater demo presence at GameStop

16 days ago CEO Paul Raines says "I expect we'll have a lot of demos in stores, unlike the Oculus or HTC"


Why Insomniac is committing to VR

16 days ago Ted Price discusses his studio's plan to release three VR games this year, including two just-announced exclusives for Oculus Rift


GameStop unveils publishing label GameTrust

16 days ago Retailer officially moves into publishing, initially only with smaller indie titles, Mark Stanley tells us

7 Oculus "don't condone" HTC Vive software hacks

19 days ago Don't plan on playing Lucky's Tale on your Vive for too long...


1 "I don't want a world where games try to be more like Hollywood"

20 days ago Chair Entertainment's Donald Mustard talks Spyjinx, JJ Abrams and how there could be a "bloodbath" in the VR market

Force Field and Vanguard Games merge

20 days ago Will exclusively work on VR and AR

GREE launches $12 million VR investment fund

21 days ago Augmented and mixed reality companies will be considered, in gaming and beyond

Oculus: "We've taken steps to address the component shortage"

22 days ago VR company apologizes again for the bigger-than-expected delays that many of its customers have been seeing since launch


Free-to-play not viable on VR just yet - Palm

22 days ago Resolution Games CEO explains why his Gear VR game Bait! runs on microtransactions anyway, and why VR is in for some bad press


1 Lucky's Tale: Why third-person games are a vital part of VR's future

22 days ago First-person may be the intuitive path for VR devs, but Playful CEO Paul Bettner believes "the entire industry is going to wake up" to a new perspective

US legislator presses Oculus on user privacy

25 days ago Sen. Al Franken asks Brendan Iribe for answers on company's collection and sharing of user location, physical movements, and communications


1 VR devs "have a responsibility to be considerate" of the player

26 days ago Ubisoft Red Storm Creative Director David Votypka on the psychology and potential of VR

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