Virtual Reality

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3 Dinosaurs and development tools: Crytek's VR journey

5 days ago "We believe VR is here to stay and it will transform the way we experience new media"

5 EA on VR: "We'll really wait and see how big the market is going to be"

8 days ago Blake Jorgensen compares small initial user numbers to Wii and PS Vita

1 CCP raises $30 million to support VR efforts

13 days ago Developer gets huge injection of funds "to drive innovation in VR as the technology begins to transform the entertainment industry"

Minority Games and Rezolution Pictures form MinorityVR

13 days ago Papo Y Yo dev and film company working with A&E for VR experience launching with new Gear VR

1 Sólfar Studios secures $2.1m in seed funding

14 days ago Also announces next virtual reality project, Everest VR

Gear VR shipping on November 20

15 days ago Pre-orders start today for the $99 mobile headset from Oculus and Samsung


5 "The beauty of PSVR is that we have the PS4 to power it"

28 days ago Sony's Michael Denny on PlayStation's crucial advantage in the coming battle for VR supremacy

2 VR may be slow to take off - Analyst

28 days ago IHS says new tech will see slower pick-up than Blu-ray or 3D TVs, is "neither a bubble nor the next big thing"

VR Developers Conference advisory boards announced

28 days ago New event will be part of GDC 2016 in San Francisco

1 Razer OSVR Hacker dev kit pre-orders open

A month ago Open Source Virtual Reality headset $300 to devs and curious consumers


Solfar's principles of virtual reality design

A month ago Development wisdom from the CCP veterans turned god makers


Oculus and Jason Rubin: We're re-learning the language of game making

A month ago From Crash Bandicoot to the cutting edge of virtual reality

6 Oculus to sell 5m units next year - Credit Suisse

A month ago Firm predicts virtual reality headset to sell at cost initially


nDreams: “We're not picking one. We're going with all of them”

A month ago Patrick O'Luanaigh on making safe bets in VR, and why developers should also be prepared to play the long game

Capcom's Resident Evil division "focusing" on VR

A month ago RE5 producer Jun Takeuchi's group working on a new engine designed for virtual reality

110 Brianna Wu: "I see a generation with almost no innovation"

A month ago Head of development at Giant Spacekat explains why women in tech is about making better games


23 2016 is the Year of VR; but is VR ready?

Opinion A month ago High prices and scant software will restrict VR to a narrow group of enthusiasts; a wider view of VR's potential could open up the tech to the world

Side-Kick Games reveals advisory board

A month ago Mobile VR publisher welcomes advisors from Oculus, Unity and Disney

Sony acquire "3D vision technology" specialist Softkinetic

A month ago Motion and positioning sensor tech should contribute to VR development


2 CastAR's Jeri Ellsworth: Remember Star Wars holographic chess?

A month ago The (augmented) reality of building a cutting edge platform

12 Oculus Rift will cost more than $350

A month ago "We're roughly in that ballpark... but it's going to cost more than that," says Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey

Reload Studios closes first funding round with $4m

A month ago "Gaining partners who believed in the future of VR is like gaining a huge army"

14 Valve: "The idea that VR must get you sick is bullshit"

A month ago Chet Faliszek told the EGX crowd that the developer, not the hardware, is responsible for creating feelings of nausea

3 Oculus exec warns uptake may be slow

A month ago VP of product suggests content, price issues may keep virtual reality tech from changing the industry overnight

7 Carmack: Minecraft is "the single most important application for VR"

A month ago Oculus CTO revels in "huge, huge win" for the Rift; details of Oculus Platform online service revealed

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