Virtual Reality

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Starbreeze secures $9 million from Acer ahead of StarVR launch

Yesterday Premium headset will ship in limited quantities this year, with full production scheduled for 2017


3 Oculus: Our exclusive deals are good for the VR industry

6 days ago Head of Content Jason Rubin also stresses that with the launch of Oculus Touch, "We're going to do it the right way this time"


4 Oculus and Valve send mixed messages on VR exclusivity

Opinion 8 days ago Valve wants the VR market to be entirely open, but the belief that Oculus is trying to lock it down is built on a series of misunderstandings

2 Newell weighs in on VR exclusives

11 days ago Valve head says tying development funds to specific hardware is bad for customers and developers

PlayStation VR demos hit stores starting tomorrow

12 days ago Sony rolling out hands-on kiosks at hundreds of North American locations this month

17 VR not ready for the mainstream - Fils-Aime

12 days ago Nintendo of America president says the company will adopt VR once it's mass market approachable

Michael Bay joins Rogue Initiative

13 days ago Filmmaker teams up with upstart VR studio to make original interactive entertainment

PlayStation VR likely to be in short supply - Sony

13 days ago With big questions about consumer uptake of VR, expect conservative shipments of new headset

"We're not creating haves and have-nots"

13 days ago New consoles will not split the market, Sony says, but in its Project Scorpio VR push can Microsoft also keep that promise?

Limitless scores close to $1m in seed funding

18 days ago VR technology behind Gary The Gull that delivers "Pixar-quality VR characters"


8 Is VR just a stepping stone to something bigger?

Opinion 18 days ago Hype for VR platforms may conceal fundamental limitations; but AR, just over the horizon, has the potential to revolutionise personal computing entirely

eSports' "path to profitability farther off than VR" for publishers - Pachter

22 days ago Despite the slow ramp up of headsets, VR should monetize better for publishers in the next few years, the analyst says


1 "I'm doing this because I'm a gamer"

26 days ago Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya says he puts fun and creativity above profit; he talks to us about VR and his new co-op melee game De-formers

Microsoft seeking to control VR/AR ecosystem

27 days ago Microsoft is inviting other manufacturers to build devices with Windows Holographic

Facebook acquires VR audio specialists

A month ago Oculus-owning social network snaps up Scottish studio Two Big Ears


1 Can local multiplayer translate to online VR?

A month ago Boneloaf's party brawler Gang Beasts works with everyone on the same couch, but can Coatsink recreate the magic across distance and through headsets?

6 Oculus introduces DRM that kills Revive mod

A month ago No more playing Oculus titles on your Vive


Daydream could make mobile VR matter

Opinion A month ago Weekly recap: Mobile VR gets a big push, Nintendo goes Hollywood, and E3 may mark the beginning of half-step console upgrades

1 IMAX, Starbreeze partner for VR

A month ago Theater company's location-based VR experiences will use StarVR headset for their "IMAX-like" field-of-view; Michael Bay exploring VR concepts


Epic's mobile VR daydream

A month ago Technical director Nick Whiting talks Google's new Daydream platform

Google unveils Daydream VR platform

A month ago "VR should be mobile, approachable, and for everyone"

Lucid Sight raises $3.5m in Series A

A month ago "The only place to effectively promote a VR experience is within another VR experience"

Gear VR sold 300k in Europe year-to-date - Samsung

A month ago Company continues to push mobile VR hardware with S7 phone promotions

Starbreeze, Acer forming joint venture for StarVR headset

A month ago Payday studio skipping consumer market, aiming hardware at location-based entertainment and professionals

Crytek adds 6 new unis to VR First

A month ago Includes University College London and Manchester Metropolitan University

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