Virtual Reality

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3 VR: There will be blood

Opinion 7 days ago The diversity of software already out there for VR is proof of a bubble; variety is great, but even if VR succeeds overall, many creators will be left behind


Making VR and AR a low-risk investment

8 days ago How Climax Studios is using unproven tech with a small installed base to build its business beyond work-for-hire

12 Is AR the future of the VR market?

9 days ago VR's immersive qualities may limit its commercial potential, and AR could be the technology to pick up the slack


VR's Brookhaven Experiment kicks off AAA push into casinos

11 days ago Phosphor Games and Gamblit explain why they're betting AAA video games will take off on casino floors

1 Raw Data the first VR game to make $1m in a month - report

14 days ago Survios points to AAA quality and AAA price as it lays claim to revenue milestone

CCP on "path to break even" in VR after $30 million investment

17 days ago CEO Hilmar Petursson says conservative planning brought stability, predicts 2018/19 as the moment when "things really pick up"

First speakers confirmed for Develop:VR

22 days ago October show to be keynoted by Dean Johnson - 10% discount for GI readers


VR: Not all legal plain sailing ahead

24 days ago Harbottle & Lewis explores the potential product liability and data protection issues that might emerge with the rise of virtual reality

2 Take-Two getting into VR

30 days ago Despite previous skepticism of new tech, publisher plans to launch Carnival Games VR this year


Kojima joins Prologue Immersive advisory board

A month ago New post at VR startup sees designer reunite with collaborator from Metal Gear Solid cinematics


1 New VR studio Squanchtendo launches

A month ago Epic Games plus the Rick And Morty mastermind - welcome to future of VR

12 HTC Vive drawing more interest than Oculus from devs - VRDC survey

A month ago Also, 78% of VR devs are saying no to exclusivity

ZeniMax raises the stakes in Oculus VR lawsuit

A month ago Amended complaint makes direct accusations against John Carmack, questions Luckey's role in Rift's creation

BAFTA launching VR advisory group

A month ago AMD VP Roy Taylor to chair LA-based panel exploring medium's potential impact and opportunities

3 VR/AR to reach $162 billion in worldwide revenues by 2020 - IDC

A month ago Importantly, hardware accounts for half of the forecast and it includes applications for all industries, not just games

Oculus Rift hitting retailers in Europe, Canada

A month ago Retail partners open preorders; VR headsets arrive in brick-and-mortar locations September 20


HelloVR's field of dreams

A month ago Creating truly social VR with MetaWorld


VR's AAA wave is coming - First Contact Entertainment

A month ago Starbreeze vets found new studio with "mission to become the top independent AAA VR game development team in the industry"

SteamVR tracking technology to be free to developers

A month ago Complete a special course and its all yours, royalty and licensing free

Owlchemy raises $5m in Series A funding

A month ago Job Simulator studio ready to push VR even further with Qualcomm Ventures backing


Ubisoft: Our VR games will be profitable

A month ago Alain Corre, head of EMEA, explains why Ubisoft is betting on VR and talks about eSports aspirations

Samsung Gear VR hits 1 million MAUs

2 months ago Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg sheds light on the growing reach of mobile VR, believes that AR will follow the same path


Games finally becoming a mature entertainment biz - Zelnick

2 months ago Take-Two boss weighs in on evolution of the industry, Nintendo's feast-or-famine cycle, VR, and his company's new indie program

9 The vanishing differences between mobile and desktop VR

2 months ago "Very soon, the content you're playing on Vive will be very easily playable on what we call mobile VR platforms right now”

1 Are VR exclusives bad? It's complicated

2 months ago "In a lot of cases a game is not gonna be made at all unless it gets a boost from something like a timed exclusivity deal"

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