Virtual Reality

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"AR will be the biggest technological revolution in our lifetimes"

An hour ago Epic's Tim Sweeney sees VR being overtaken in just 10 years

2 Nokia unveiling new VR project next week

10 days ago LA event planned as company could take wraps off its investment in immersive imaging

Epic names Big Data VR Challenge winner

11 days ago LumaPie takes home $20,000 prize

Oculus acquires Pebbles Interfaces

15 days ago Latest move in VR outfit's acquisition spree sees depth-sensing tech developer added to roster

2 Facebook CTO advises "patience" on VR experiences

22 days ago Touch controllers are an important factor in immersion; AR tech needs more work before it's ready for the consumer


8 Sony: For VR to make progress people who make content have to make money

25 days ago Find out why Shuhei Yoshida hasn't taken his Morpheus headset home just yet


5 Industry's days of stability are over - Square Enix CEO

A month ago Yosuke Matsuda explains how it integrated Eidos studios, how it's prepping for VR, AR, and the cloud


23 "VR is going to yield this staggering orgasm of the new"

A month ago Unity CEO John Riccitiello on the company's role in building a market for VR software, and why he's no fan of the "sour grapes" offered by the cynics

3 VR could be biggest for non-gaming uses - Sony exec

A month ago SCEA CEO Shawn Layden talks about Morpheus' potential, surprising demand for Vita


4 VR "not for the whole world" - Epic CEO

A month ago Tim Sweeney says studio excited by VR, but AR is “the next big development in the history of civilization”


27 Warren Spector on E3: VR is a fad

A month ago The veteran designer shares his thoughts on what's right and what's wrong with the industry

1 Luckey: VR's iPhone moment is coming, but not yet

A month ago Rift inventor urges patient, optimistic caution on the future of the tech

12 Nintendo not a believer in current VR tech

A month ago Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime says the VR efforts so far are simply not fun

1 Nod Labs raises $13.5 million for VR controllers

A month ago Nod Backspin is a multiplatform device that combines traditional and gestural inputs


1 CCP veterans are ready to bring AAA to VR

A month ago Solfar partners with Sony for first game, Godling

Official Oculus store will have comfort ratings, require pre-approval

A month ago Firm to take "industry standard" cut on transactions

12 Oculus reveals consumer unit, Oculus Touch

A month ago Update: More details on fund for indies, Oculus Share and Home

Watch Oculus' pre-E3 livestream here

A month ago Rift maker expected to reveal more details surrounding early 2016 launch of long-awaited VR headset

Oculus: Image leak shows "ancient" concept

A month ago Palmer Luckey explain concept art is old news as press conference looms

1 Evolution Studios vets found new VR studio

A month ago Devs behind titles like DriveClub, MotorStorm and WipEout form Secret Sorcery to work on VR games

Vive Developer Editions now shipping

A month ago Valve's virtual reality headset heading out into the wild

Oculus names Mobile VR Jam 2015 winners

A month ago SteamCrew VR takes $200,000 Platinum prize

Reload Studios scores $2m investment for VR

A month ago World Innovation Lab backs shooter studio

Magic Leap releasing AR SDK soon

A month ago Compatible with Unreal and Unity game engines

Nvidia targets VR with new flagship GeForce GPU

A month ago GameWorks VR dev kit will be released alongside the GTX 980 Ti

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