HTC launches Vive Studios

First game from publishing subsidiary, Arcade Saga, launches this week for Vive and Oculus Rift

By Brendan Sinclair

“I wouldn't want to see virtual reality wasted on a few hardcore gamers”

Resolution's Tommy Palm stresses that VR's potential goes beyond games and entertainment - and mobile may be the key

By James Batchelor

Dean Hall on VR: "There is no money in it"

RocketWerkz CEO says medium currently relies on subsidies from platforms

By Dan Pearson

VR companies push for solidarity amid mounting uncertainty

Major companies commit to Global Virtual Reality Association non-profit and Khronos open API standard

By Matthew Handrahan

Virtuix not shipping Omni outside the US, refunds backers

Company claims it struggled to find “cost effective options” for worldwide distribution of virtual reality treadmill

By James Batchelor

Meet the development team behind The Apprentice's VR episode

We speak to Rewind, the virtual reality specialist that developed the titles presented in last week's BBC show

By James Batchelor

Sony already the market leader in virtual reality

New report suggests successful launch of PlayStation VR and PS4 install base puts platform holder ahead of Oculus and Vive

By James Batchelor

Virtual Reality Check

Weekly Roundup: Now that the VR market is in the "gap of disappointment," how does it climb out again?

By Brendan Sinclair

“Current virtual reality experiences are too expendable”

Brandwidth's head of innovation and Develop:VR keynote speaker Dean Johnson says the industry needs to make tech less disposable

By James Batchelor

VR the biggest loser this holiday?

SuperData revises its VR forecasts with PSVR seeing the largest downgrade

By James Brightman

“Virtual reality needs to find its own voice”

Game Futures' Aki Järvinen ponders the next stage of VR's evolution now that headsets are finally on shelves

By James Batchelor

HTC calls on co-operation with PlayStation and Oculus

“We need to help consumers navigate this world that might be initially confusing”

By Christopher Dring

Altering open-world narrative for VR

Other Ocean Interactive's Marc McGinley details the sizable hurdles facing Giant Cop: Justice Above All, and how the team is clearing them

By Brendan Sinclair

Xbox One games will soon stream to Oculus Rift

Play anything on a virtual screen via console app

id veteran Steve Nix starts VR/AR studio

"Our mission at ForwardXP is to build content that ultimately reaches the billions of users across these emerging devices"

By James Brightman

The eyes have it: The future of VR input

Fove CEO Yuka Kojima discusses how eye-tracking, face-tracking and motion controls will take virtual reality forward

By James Batchelor

HTC announces wireless adaptor for Vive

Pre-orders open today for kit which frees the HMD from its tethers

By Dan Pearson

VR awaits its Michael Jordan

New VR studio Drifter believes in the physicality of the medium and sees a bright future ahead for VR eSports

By James Brightman

Develop:VR changes date to Thursday 1st December

Event will also now be held at Conway Hall, Holborn

Hunicke comes to grips with VR

The way controllers are held informs the actions that feel right for players, says Funomena CEO

By Brendan Sinclair

Three key essentials to advance the future of VR

Limitless CEO Tom Sanocki offers advice for devs hoping to make the most of virtual reality

By Tom Sanocki

Mobile and VR specialist Playsnak secures $1.3m in funding

Seed investment led by South Korean VC firm K Cube Ventures

Metal Gear composer Rika Muranaka moves into VR development

Teams up with Damien "E-Love" Matthias to create VR Innovator, first title will be racing game Fearless D, more to be announced at

Unity making its VR dev tool open source

Engine maker's move may be more practical than principled; Unite LA event used to confirm Nintendo Switch support at launch

By Brendan Sinclair

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