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2 Nimble Sense: Hands on with virtual reality

2 days ago The hand-scanning tech that lets you touch the VR world

2 Take-Two CEO has doubts over mass appeal of VR gaming

3 days ago "I'm happy to have other people spend loads of dough on R&D" - Strauss Zelnick

Oculus VR makes mobile SDK available

10 days ago Start developing with the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition on Note 4

8 VR needs a killer app, not games, to become mainstream

11 days ago Samsung's Nick DiCarlo says games won't bring it to the masses


6 PlayStation Home is dead, now what?

15 days ago Home will be shutting down for good next year but virtual worlds will live on

2 VR sweet spot no more than $200 - EEDAR

A month ago EEDAR survey of consumers finds cost is still the biggest factor despite high level of interest in VR headsets


22 Sony's Morpheus gamble could change course of VR

Opinion A month ago Oculus Rift still seems a long way off, while Morpheus is steaming ahead; but does Sony risk losing everything by pushing to market too soon?


9 Oculus CEO: We'll be remembered as the dorky looking goggles

A month ago Brendan Iribe explains why the heart of Oculus will always be gaming


3 Oculus Connect: A love letter to developers

Opinion A month ago Crescent Bay, chocolate covered bacon and making developers the star

4 Yoshida: Morpheus is 85% complete

A month ago But Sony's virtual reality headset still doesn't have a release date


6 Oculus Gears up for mobile

2 months ago Meet Max Cohen, the VP driving virtual reality on handheld devices

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