Unite 2014

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2 Camouflaj: Fighting the good fight with Republique

2 years ago AAA, episodic, premium-priced content for mobile - Ryan Payton on a project of uncommon ambition


6 Dan Adelman: "Good games are worth paying for"

2 years ago Trying to make it as a small developer? Nintendo's former indie champion is here to help


1 "If you're in your comfort zone, you're declining or you're dying"

2 years ago Unity CEO David Helgason on the "balancing act" of satisfying a community while staying ahead

11 "We're very close to having the first death in VR"

2 years ago Cloudhead Games' Denny Unger warns devs of the responsibility that comes with VR's immersive power

Monument Valley and Hearthstone win at Unity awards

2 years ago Prizes given to projects at Unite 2014 in Seattle

5 Unity starts open source initiative

2 years ago Test Tools and new GUI will be released under MIT license, with more engine components "in the pipeline"

Unity acquires cloud development firm Tsugi

2 years ago Texan startup will become Unity Austin, its technology will be integrated into Unity's engine

3 Watch the Unity conference keynote here

2 years ago CEO David Helgason will open Unite 2014 today at 9am PST / 5pm GMT

Gone Home, Hearthstone, Device 6 up for top prize at Unity Awards

2 years ago Unity's thriving community can now cast their votes on nine awards

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