Nintendo desperately wants its audience to Switch back

The lack of young people in the reveal indicates a firm determined to reconnect with grown-ups, lapsed fans and the industry

By James Batchelor

PS Now expands to PC

Sony streaming service adds a platform as company announces USB adaptor to connect DualShock 4 with PCs

By Brendan Sinclair

From Game of War to public transport

MZ is putting its new strategy into action, applying its game tech to eradicate inefficiency in New Zealand's public transport system

By Matthew Handrahan

Microsoft adds unlocked framerate support to UWP

One of platform's more frequent complaints begins to be addressed as company promises "We're listening - and acting"

By Brendan Sinclair

Machine Zone diversifies business, rebrands as "MZ"

New data platform aimed as much at "corporations" and "governments" as other game companies

By Matthew Handrahan

MAME completes open source transition

Popular arcade emulator is now officially open source after 19 years of existence

By Matthew Handrahan

Kinect designer wants to be more patient with HoloLens

Alex Kipman says consumer version of AR tech must wait until there's enough content to make it regularly useful

By Brendan Sinclair

A final nail in the coffin of cloud streaming

Streaming gameplay from data centres was never a good idea, and now it's a dead one - but the tech that drove it is helping to reshape our industry

By Rob Fahey

Square Enix to close Shinra Technologies

Yoichi Wada-led cloud gaming subsidiary failed to find third-party investment

By Matthew Handrahan

Microsoft cuts 60 HoloLens jobs in Israel

Shifting priorities results in loss of 30 full-time employees and 30 contractors

By Matthew Handrahan

More than 25% of Steam users running Windows 10

Microsoft's latest OS has already surpassed Windows 8 in popularity among Valve's userbase

By Brendan Sinclair

Magic Leap performs its greatest trick yet

New video claims to be shot through ambitious AR technology with no special effects

By Matthew Handrahan

HoloLens dev kit ships Q1 2016

Consumers will have to wait as Development Edition of Microsoft's augmented reality tech will cost $3,000

By Brendan Sinclair

Curse moving Voice team to California

Alabama-based firm splits tech and media operations as VOIP division heads cross country later this year

By Brendan Sinclair

AMD forms separate Radeon graphics division

CEO looks towards, "recapturing profitable share across traditional graphics markets"

By Matthew Handrahan

New Apple TV adds games

Set-top box runs new tvOS system, showcased with Crossy Road, Harmonix's Beat Sports

By Brendan Sinclair

Robbie Bach: "The next console generation will be a whole new game"

Xbox founder expects physical media to disappear with next consoles, criticises MS for "predictable and preventable" Xbox One woes

By Matthew Handrahan

Next Apple TV adds gaming functionality - Report

Update: App Stores Games Twitter account adds fuel to rumour fire

By Brendan Sinclair

id Software opens German studio

Doom maker assembling technology development team in Frankfurt to work on "best-in-class" FPS engine

By Brendan Sinclair

Twitch ditches Flash for HTML5

Online streaming service drives yet another nail into Flash's coffin

By Matthew Handrahan

Is there a moment in my game worth sharing?

David Perry offers a key question for devs in the future, reflects on his path from free-to-play to streaming

By Brendan Sinclair

Oculus acquires Pebbles Interfaces

Latest move in VR outfit's acquisition spree sees depth-sensing tech developer added to roster

By Brendan Sinclair

Wada aims to give cloud tech a silver lining

Former Square Enix president discusses his streaming startup Shinra, the unsustainable AAA market, and VR's fragmentation problem

By Brendan Sinclair

Microsoft: First version of HoloLens won't be for games

CEO Satya Nadella sees more immediate potential for enterprise applications

By Matthew Handrahan

Microsoft offers $100k grants for HoloLens research

What are the non-gaming applications for AR? Microsoft is keen to find out

By Matthew Handrahan

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