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2 Diamonds Among the Rubble, says Former Zynga PM

3 years ago Brian Kahrs details how ex-Zynga employees stick together, and how the giant's struggles ultimately produced some great talent

DeNA and Spicy Horse team up for mobile Hell Invaders

3 years ago Spicy Horse's Hell Invaders is coming to DeNA's Mobage platform


19 Zynga cuts 520 employees, closes New York and Los Angeles offices

3 years ago 18 percent of global workforce is laid off as Zynga shifts toward mobile


5 Supercell hooks Playfish co-founder

3 years ago Kristian Segerstrale joins Clash of Clans studio's board, touts long-term plan over short-term growth

3 Yahoo acquires PlayerScale

3 years ago Yahoo looks to build new gaming experiences with PlayerScale's service


11 DeNA to release Molyneux's GODUS

3 years ago The successful Kickstarter-backed game's mobile versions will be distributed worldwide; Molyneux also tells us he fears consoles are "becoming a hobby"

Google shutting down Google+ Games on June 30

3 years ago With Google Play games services, Google+ Games is no longer needed

Dragonplay launches casual game publishing division

3 years ago Dragonplay Casual helps Gun N' Blade head worldwide to invest $1 million in educational game devs

3 years ago Zynga's non-profit off-shoot to partner with NewSchools on learning game accelerator

Facebook: Q1 game revenue up 12%, Zynga down 37%

3 years ago Zuckerberg says Zynga's “growth hasn't been as awesome as everyone had hoped”

Zynga partners with Disruptor Beam for Game of Thrones social game

3 years ago Game of Thrones Ascent is coming to and Facebook

8 Consoles should empower players to create content, says Raptr boss

3 years ago Raptr CEO Dennis Fong believes Sony's new 'Share' button on the DualShock 4 is a small step in the right direction

Zynga: Closing games puts the best talent in the right places

3 years ago With costs under control, Zynga's Dan Ko looks towards building better franchises

AnyoneGame raises $1 million for Just Sing It

3 years ago Mobile karaoke game secures funding after strong early performance


3 Zynga's bet on midcore, real-money gaming could be a win

3 years ago Profitable, but smaller, Zynga is aiming to turn its business around with new games, midcore, mobile, and real-money gaming

2 Zynga profits $4.1m in Q1 but sales and active users decline

3 years ago The company is happy with the "breakout hit performance" of FarmVille 2 [UPDATE: Zynga shutting down more games]


9 Perils of Whale Hunting: When F2P Players Leave The Sea

Opinion 3 years ago How big a problem is it when social games pull the plug on the hardcore players who pay so the free-to-play model can work at all?


3 Paid user acquisition a must for major pubs, says Sega exec

3 years ago Director of online operations and Three Rings CEO lay out strategies for staying ahead of the curve

2 Zynga sued by shareholder over early executive stock sales

3 years ago Social game publisher finds itself in legal trouble from former shareholder


Zynga adds veteran investor John Doerr to board

3 years ago Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers partner to advise through "pivotal" year

12 Zynga's Pincus cuts salary to $1

3 years ago But the rest of Zynga's exec team could earn $2m each in 2013


4 Konami mobile exec: Player acquisition "keeps me up at night"

3 years ago John Coligan says monetization is now a non-issue for players, bigger challenge is getting them in the first place


1 Tom Hall joins PlayFirst

3 years ago Veteran developer joins Diner Dash outfit as principal designer

Zynga launching real-money gambling in UK tomorrow

3 years ago Two titles mark Zynga's first step into real-money gaming


Zynga says goodbye to Dan Porter

3 years ago OMGPOP founder to be replaced with Zynga's vice president of mobile, Sean Kelly

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