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4 Zynga co-founder leaves company

11 months ago Justin Waldron announces decision to leave social gaming outfit, "venture off on my own again"

Middle East games market "growing like crazy"

11 months ago The Middle East and North African region has been a strong growth area for Peak Games

PlayFirst acquires Big Head Mode IP

A year ago Two of Douche Defender studio's founders also joining Diner Dash publisher


8 Xbox has been "way more progressive and open," says Raptr head

A year ago When it comes to console transparency, Dennis Fong says Sony has been closed "almost to the point of ignorance"

1 Social media has changed how games are played - EA Games exec

A year ago Patrick Soderlund says second-screen features and connected services are adaptations to player behavior

Socialspiel secures €200k angel funding, appoints new CEO

A year ago Mike Borras to head up Austrian developer

Three more senior execs leave Zynga

A year ago Don Mattrick tightens up management ranks at Zynga

Nordeus appoints Google vet as customer relations exec

A year ago New customer relations director Kerrie Power to head up new office in Dublin, Ireland

1 RealNetworks acquires Slingo for $15.6 million

A year ago Social casino genre could be key to revival of RealNetworks' flagging games business


33 Phil Fish, Gamer Fury, and the awful price of progress

Opinion A year ago How last week's nastiness is the byproduct of one of the industry's most positive trends

3 Zynga backs away from US online gambling

A year ago Sales tumble 31% in Q2 as social company warns investors of "more volatility than we would like" over the next 6-12 months

Kabam valued at $700 million

A year ago Stock sale puts huge value on social gaming firm, $300m revenue expected this year

2 Mattrick prepped Zynga buyout while at Microsoft - report

A year ago New Zynga CEO opened negotiations with social firm back in 2010

4 Mattrick: "Zynga has yet to realize its full potential"

A year ago New CEO's first letter to employees describes long-standing admiration for Zynga's mainstream ambitions


1 How to Gamify Giving: Playmob's new model for charity

A year ago "There's literally no downside for anybody involved."

4 Zynga China studio head leaving

A year ago Social publisher's stock drops after confirmation of Andy Tian departing Beijing studio


2 Diamonds Among the Rubble, says Former Zynga PM

A year ago Brian Kahrs details how ex-Zynga employees stick together, and how the giant's struggles ultimately produced some great talent

DeNA and Spicy Horse team up for mobile Hell Invaders

A year ago Spicy Horse's Hell Invaders is coming to DeNA's Mobage platform

23 Zynga cuts 520 employees, closes New York and Los Angeles offices

A year ago 18 percent of global workforce is laid off as Zynga shifts toward mobile


5 Supercell hooks Playfish co-founder

A year ago Kristian Segerstrale joins Clash of Clans studio's board, touts long-term plan over short-term growth

3 Yahoo acquires PlayerScale

A year ago Yahoo looks to build new gaming experiences with PlayerScale's service


11 DeNA to release Molyneux's GODUS

A year ago The successful Kickstarter-backed game's mobile versions will be distributed worldwide; Molyneux also tells us he fears consoles are "becoming a hobby"

Google shutting down Google+ Games on June 30

A year ago With Google Play games services, Google+ Games is no longer needed

Dragonplay launches casual game publishing division

A year ago Dragonplay Casual helps Gun N' Blade head worldwide to invest $1 million in educational game devs

A year ago Zynga's non-profit off-shoot to partner with NewSchools on learning game accelerator

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