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1 EA kept quiet on Real Racing dev's forum hack

A month ago Publisher acknowledges Firemonkeys forums were hacked a year after the fact, says "small number" of user emails potentially taken

2 Bomb scare on SOE head's plane tied to DDOS attacks

A month ago Smedley's flight diverted after group targeting Sony, Blizzard tweets about explosives on board; FBI investigating


4 PS3 hacker GeoHot joins Google

3 months ago First person to crack the iPhone now interning on web giant's Project Zero, hunting vulnerabilities in popular software

11 DRM not the way to fight piracy - Paradox

3 months ago CEO Fredrik Wester would rather incentivize those who purchase than punish those who steal

British spy agency looked into tapping Kinect feeds

7 months ago Latest Edward Snowden leak says GCHQ intercepted Yahoo webcam chat images, considered similar spying with Xbox 360 tech

10 Clash of Clans daily revenue at $5.15 million - Hacker

8 months ago Supercell internal figures apparently revealed after intruder gets access to company's social media management tool

10 Rovio: We don't work with government spies

8 months ago Angry Birds maker says it won't share end user info with NSA or other surveillance agencies

10 Anti-piracy circumvention may be legal, EU court rules

8 months ago Ruling finds value in thwarting Nintendo protection measures for reasons other than pirating games

Blizzard warns of World of Warcraft account-stealing Trojan

9 months ago Company warns that authenticator protection is ineffective against latest malware attack

5 Gamers target of 34,000 hack attacks a day

10 months ago Kaspersky Lab security firm says Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto have been popular targets, attacks only increasing with launch of PS4 and Xbox One

1 Sony asks users to reset passwords

10 months ago "Irregular activity" detected as PS4 maker takes security measures

3 League of Legends hacked

A year ago Riot Games confirms security breach of North American accounts tied to 120,000 transactions

2 Crytek hacked

A year ago Crysis studio pulls four websites offline, confirms security breach, says user info may have been accessed

1 Apple dev site hacked

A year ago iOS maker takes down system, says intruder may have accessed developers' personal information

3 Club Nintendo hacked in Japan

A year ago Nintendo's consumer rewards club hacked in Japan

5 Android security hole could endanger 99% of devices

A year ago APK code loophole leaves door open for malware

6 Ubisoft security compromised

A year ago Publisher advises customers to change passwords after personal info, encrypted passwords accessed

ESRB expands mobile app privacy program

A year ago Rating board rolls out new seal of approval for mobile offerings that comply with privacy best practices


11 Privacy concerns won't hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell

A year ago Serial entrepreneur says consumer backlash against Google Glass, Kinect tech won't matter if they're cool enough

1 US report cites piracy hotspots

A year ago Ukraine leads offending countries, Canada and Israel removed from Priority Watch List

1 Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia

A year ago 24 year-old faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted on hacking charges

5 The War Z hacked

A year ago Controversial shooter taken offline after players' personal info and encrypted passwords taken

"High-profile" XBL accounts of MS employees targeted by hackers

A year ago Social security number loophole linked to third-party apps, says Microsoft

1 EA Origin security flaw exposes users to hacks

A year ago Researchers describe a vulnerability in publisher's online storefront that could be used to run malicious code

10 Meat Boy dev: DRM hurts more than piracy

A year ago Tommy Refenes bemoans misplaced priorities in light of SimCity launch woes

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