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British spy agency looked into tapping Kinect feeds

A month ago Latest Edward Snowden leak says GCHQ intercepted Yahoo webcam chat images, considered similar spying with Xbox 360 tech

10 Clash of Clans daily revenue at $5.15 million - Hacker

2 months ago Supercell internal figures apparently revealed after intruder gets access to company's social media management tool

10 Rovio: We don't work with government spies

2 months ago Angry Birds maker says it won't share end user info with NSA or other surveillance agencies

10 Anti-piracy circumvention may be legal, EU court rules

2 months ago Ruling finds value in thwarting Nintendo protection measures for reasons other than pirating games

Blizzard warns of World of Warcraft account-stealing Trojan

3 months ago Company warns that authenticator protection is ineffective against latest malware attack

5 Gamers target of 34,000 hack attacks a day

4 months ago Kaspersky Lab security firm says Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto have been popular targets, attacks only increasing with launch of PS4 and Xbox One

1 Sony asks users to reset passwords

4 months ago "Irregular activity" detected as PS4 maker takes security measures

3 League of Legends hacked

7 months ago Riot Games confirms security breach of North American accounts tied to 120,000 transactions

2 Crytek hacked

8 months ago Crysis studio pulls four websites offline, confirms security breach, says user info may have been accessed

1 Apple dev site hacked

8 months ago iOS maker takes down system, says intruder may have accessed developers' personal information

3 Club Nintendo hacked in Japan

9 months ago Nintendo's consumer rewards club hacked in Japan

5 Android security hole could endanger 99% of devices

9 months ago APK code loophole leaves door open for malware

6 Ubisoft security compromised

9 months ago Publisher advises customers to change passwords after personal info, encrypted passwords accessed

ESRB expands mobile app privacy program

9 months ago Rating board rolls out new seal of approval for mobile offerings that comply with privacy best practices


11 Privacy concerns won't hurt Xbox One, says Bushnell

10 months ago Serial entrepreneur says consumer backlash against Google Glass, Kinect tech won't matter if they're cool enough

1 US report cites piracy hotspots

11 months ago Ukraine leads offending countries, Canada and Israel removed from Priority Watch List

1 Self-professed leader of Lulzsec arrested in Australia

11 months ago 24 year-old faces up to 10 years in jail if convicted on hacking charges

5 The War Z hacked

A year ago Controversial shooter taken offline after players' personal info and encrypted passwords taken

"High-profile" XBL accounts of MS employees targeted by hackers

A year ago Social security number loophole linked to third-party apps, says Microsoft

1 EA Origin security flaw exposes users to hacks

A year ago Researchers describe a vulnerability in publisher's online storefront that could be used to run malicious code

10 Meat Boy dev: DRM hurts more than piracy

A year ago Tommy Refenes bemoans misplaced priorities in light of SimCity launch woes

Blizzard says class-action suit filled with "patently false information"

A year ago The developer notes that it takes the security of players' data "very seriously" and it will "vigorously defend itself"

Blizzard sued over security of player info

A year ago Class action claims Blizzard has made millions selling Authenticators instead of securing user info

3 GameStop's former PR head admits to stealing $2 million from company

A year ago Chris Olivera has plead guilty to embezzling, could face 20 years in prison

13 Anonymous threatens Zynga

A year ago The hacker group plans to act November 5 unless Zynga changes course

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